Season 2011

Only two more races are left of this year’s season. This fact is making me sad. However, I am not as sad as I was last year.

All three free practices are over now. Both practices on Friday were dry and both won Sebastian Vettel and right after him finished his team mate Mark Webber. McLaren cars were right behind the RBR-Renault ones in the P1 and their times weren’t bad during the P2 either. Ferrari seemed to be struggling a little on Friday’s morning. However, they improved their times in the afternoon. The last free practice today was wet. Robert Kubica was the fastest and Sebastian Vettel was the second fastest. Mark Webber was only 11th. Lewis Hamilton’s time was the 3rd best and Massa’s the 4th.

But as you know, the qualifying is the most important. Honestly, the times can change during the Qauli and it could be interesting if it was wet. I’m already biting my nails. I hope there won’t be any major accident neither during the qualification nor the race tomorrow.

Actually, the main reason of this post are not the free practices. I was digging through the F1 news and I find a lovely article. The calendar for the next year is known! There can be some changes till March. If nothing changes, there will be 20 Grand Prix from 13th March till 27th November.

Personally, I’m so thrilled. It will be the longest season since I’m watching the F1 madness. I’m happy that my personal favorites such as Monaco, Canada and Belgium are on the list. What’s more, there will be one more new track in India and the season will end in Brazil!

Here’s the full event calendar:

13th March – Bahrain GP
27th March – Australian GP
10th April – Malaysian GP
17th April – Chinese GP
8th May – Turkish GP
22nd May – Spanish GP
29th May – Monaco GP
12th June – Canadian GP

26th June – European GP
10th July – GP of Great Britain
24th July – German GP
31st July – Hungarian GP
28th August – Belgian GP
11th September – Italian GP
25th September – GP of Singapore
9th October – Japanese GP
16th October – GP of South Korea
30th October – GP of India
13th November – GP of Dubai
27th November – Brazilian GP



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