Incredible Qualification in Brazil 2010

Incredible! This weekend is indescribable and it’s only Saturday! Oh my!

An hour or so, I’ve posted the event calendar for the season 2011 and the results of the free practices and now I’m writing another blog about the qualification. Honestly, I couldn’t stop myself. Since my favourite driver is not driving in F1 anymore this was the most exciting and surprising quali I’ve seen this season.

It rained, then the rain stopped but the track was still wet. Everybody was focusing on Sebastian Vettel (RBR-Renault), Mark Webber (RBR-Renault), Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) and Lewis Hamilton (McLaren). These four drivers are still in the competition for the title. All of them got to the final part of the qualification along with Felipe Massa (Ferrari), Michael Schumacher (Mercedes GP), Robert Kubica (Renault), Vitaly Petrov (Renautl), Rubens Barrichello (Williams Cosworth) and Nico Hülkenberg (Williams Cosworth). Jenson Button (McLaren) finished his qualification in the middle part and finished 11th.

The best about this qualification was that the track was drying up all the time. I was thinking if anyone dares to use the slicks. In the end, everybody put them on. It didn’t look good in the beginning, because they were slipping and Robert Kubica went of the track. However, the asphalt was drier and drier and the tyres warmed up too.

Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton were fighting for the pole position. But nobody expected that Nico Hülkenberg had something to say too. This 23-years old German driver was way too faster than the leaders. Nico was faster lap after lap and in the end he won his first qualification beating Sebastian Vettel by 1.049sec. Mark Webber finished 3rd, Lewis Hamilton 4th and Fernando Alonso 5th.

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a better qualification. I was happy during the whole season, when Nico scored some points and I’d known that some day he will win a qualification and finish on better positions, but I would never guess it came in this season.

Well, I’m only disappointed with Massa’s result. I thought he tries to push it hard, when he’s driving at home… Anyways, don’t forget about Sutil’s and Buemi’s penalty – 5 grid position back.

Interlagos is always full of surprises and the racing weekend is not over yet. It has just begun. The start of the race will be more than interesting tomorrow. I only hope that those “big sharks” won’t eat Nico alive and won’t crash in the first turn.

Enjoy the race tomorrow. I’m sure I will independently what the result will be.


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