WRC: Rally de Espana

Racc Rally de Espana was pretty interesting, especially for Kimi Räikkönen. I was really looking forward for this rally so he was. Only two more WRC events were left and it’s the best for him to learn as much as possible.

The rumors of his comeback to F1 appeared to be lies. He even indicted Renault of using his name as a good propaganda. Actually, I’d be happy if he came back but not into the nowadays F1. Kimi loves driving and F1 is not only about driving anymore. I really think it’s better for him to stay where he is right now.

However, Kimi somehow managed to be out of the Rally de Espana before it could even begin. He rolled his Citroen C4 WRC at the morning’s pre-event Shakedown. Neither he nor his co-driver Kaj Lindstrom was injured. Well, I wish I could say the same about the car… The roof section of the roll cage was damaged so Kimi couldn’t even start the rally. What a bad luck for him.

At least my Monster guy was luckier this time. Ken Block was doing amazing the whole weekend in Spain. He and his co-driver Alex Gelsomino finished 9th overall and scored their first WRC points!! I think the little vacation in Ibiza helped Ken to be more focus and relaxed in Spain. I’m just sad they had to remove the bumper sticker “Obama can’t GYMKHANA” from their WRC Focus. I guess the FIA has rules about everything…

Never mind. Ken Block scored his first points and that’s what all matters. Actually, I just read a very interesting article. The MWRT is looking for another driver for the WRC season 2011, so Ken Block will possibly have a new team mate. Maybe it will be Chris Atkinson. But they are even considering Kimi Räikkönen. You know, it would mean a world to me if Kimi was a Monster! However, it’d be more difficult making a Monster out of him because he’s sponsored by Red Bull now. Honestly, I’m curious how this will turn out.

The last WRC event will be taken in Wales in November! Don’t forget to follow your loved ones.

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