F1: South Korean GP 2010

The most hoped-for race happened pretty fast. I’m not sure that keeping that race was a good idea though. I’m not saying that the South Korean track is bad or there’s something wrong about the country. I think the opposite. South Korea is a great place to have a F1 race track and I can’t wait till it will be finished.

And actually, that’s my problem now. I don’t think that the track was prepared to be raced on. Okay, Bernie said it is okay, so it has to be okay, but it wasn’t. In my humble opinion they should have waited one more year and don’t rush those poor Korean workers. The whole area looks like a huge building ground. Oh wait a minute, it is a build land!

Well, I couldn’t watch the free practices, so I saw how the track looks like only on Saturday morning during the Qualifying. Apart from the unfinished track, the rest of the weekend was interesting.

I really couldn’t say who would be the fastest, because no one ever raced on the Yeongam track. So, it was hard to tell who’d get the pole. However, Red Bull Renault cars seemed to be fast again. Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari wasn’t that slow either. Luckily, Sebastian Vettel was the fastest and got the pole. His team-mate Mark Webber was only by 0.074sec slower. Alonso got only the third starting grid and Lewis Hamilton the fourth one. Actually, every second was needed because these guys are still in the competition for the title.

The qualifying had to be delayed two weeks ago in Suzuka because of the rain. This time the rain disturbed the main race. It was pouring the whole night. There were smaller lakes on the track. First, the start was delayed by 10 minutes and then it was still way too dangerous to let the cars race normally, so the Safety Car was deployed and the start was behind it. The visibility was awful, so the stewards stopped the race after 4 laps and the re-run was delayed few more times. It was even questionable if the race should have been restarted. Mark Webber seemed to be happier if the re-run would be called off, but Lewis Hamilton was pretty eager to race today. The stewards decided to let the grid went on behind the Safety Car at 16:05 Korean time, so one hour later than the first start was.  The safety car was out 13 more laps. Finally, the “normal” race could begin in the 17th lap. Sebastian Vettel made use of his leading position. The track was still too slippery, but Mark Webber seemed to be not focus on 100 per cent. He slid and crash into the wall. This contact wasn’t the final one. Nico Rosberg couldn’t avoid Webber’s moving car and crashed right into him. Both of them were out. Well, I wouldn’t want to be in Mark Webber’s boots. If he wants to be a champion this season he can’t afford mistakes like this. Safety car was deployed after this crash too, but this wasn’t the latest occasion. Bernd Maylander enjoyed racing round and round I guess. The other accidents were caused by the slippery track too. Adrian Sutil acted like Kamui Kobayashi at Suzuka. He was trying to overtake others on places which weren’t made for it. Well, he was trying his luck till he crashed out. Actually, Vitaly Petrov doesn’t have much luck during this season. He also crashed out and didn’t finish the race. It seems like it’s difficult for him to have a good weekend. There always was something he screwed up. His future in F1 isn’t that bright as it was at the beginning. However the biggest surprise was that the left Red Bull car’s engine blew up nine laps before the end. Sebastian Vettel had to retire from the leading position. He jumped out of the car and extinguished the fire. Actually, he followed his colleague, Heikki Kovalainen, who played the fireman role in Singapore. So, it was good for the Ferrari. Fernando Alonso won the race. Actually, he leads the driver’s championship now. Lewis Hamilton finished second and Felipe Massa was third. Now, that Red Bull gaining zero points this weekend, the competition for the title is still opened. Actually, I’m a little bit concerned about Webber’s and Vettel’s future and their chances to win… But there are two more races. Next stop will be Brazil – Interlagos. I totally cannot wait!photos: motorsport.com


5 thoughts on “F1: South Korean GP 2010

  1. great review again! 🙂
    i agree that the track wasn’t ready but y’know Bernie… wonder who’ll replace him, whatcha think?
    it was stupid mistake from Webber, i don’t think that when he said the crash was caused by bad visiblity was right. everyone had the same conditions, i know they were pretty bad but as you said, he wasn’t concentrated enough. sucks for him thoug. Rosberg was very mad and i totally understand it, did you read his tweets?
    vettel had just such a bad luck! 😦
    i don’t really know who to root for now 😀 when Massa is no longer in the fight for the title… i’ll go with both RBR i guess 🙂
    Brazil will be epic! can’t wait :))

    • yeah you are right. Webber caused his bad luck, but Vettel couldn’t do anything against it… I’ve got no idea who will replace Bernie…. actually, I don’t somebody has to replace Bernie… he’s such an active old man, lol.
      Unfortunately I couldn’t follow anyone’s tweets yesterday, I was in bed all day. But I can imagine how pissed at Webber could be. Actually, I feel sorry for Massa this season. He deserved to be treated in a better way. However, I hope neither Alonso nor Hamilton will be the champ this season 😀
      Cannot wait till Brazil! there always happen something 😀
      and thank your sweet comment and your opinions! 🙂

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