I’ve Become a Sport Reporter!!

Yes. Since Saturday I’m a real sport reporter.

Well, not in the true meaning and only for one day. I and few other Formula One fanatics got the chance to try the race commentating and studio work out. But let’s start in the beginning of the whole story.

A Slovak sport reporter and a F1 maniac – Ján Žgravčák wanted to bring the Slovak F1 fan into the F1 TV world. So he planned a Workshop, where the fans could try out the commenting. It wasn’t about a job offer or anything. The main thing was to meet cool people and talk about F1. So this workshop was scheduled on 16th October 2010. The interest of this event was big, so we have to answer a question. The ones who would answer it correctly could come for 100% and from the ones, who wouldn’t answer it right, would be picked only few others. I have to admit that the question wasn’t easy, but the major of interested persons didn’t come and it wasn’t because of the question. You know, to criticize someone is easier than to prove something.

However, I was picked and I was happy as a child. But as you probably won’t know I have a stage-fright. I was extremely nervous on the D day. We should have met at 10am, but I came a little bit earlier to the studio. Whilst I was waiting for Mr Žgravčák, I met two other F1 freaks in the lobby. Our host came to welcome us. After introducing we began to talk about Formula 1. It looked like it would be only three of us the whole day, so we got into action. Well, we wrote a test for fun. It was just for fun really, because the questions were from the very early era till 2006. Whilst we were writing the test, others showed up too, so all in all there were eight of us – three girls and five boys. Finally, we were done with that test and moved right to the studio. After a fast schooling we picked a race and one by one tried the commenting out. Honestly, it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s not only talking, you have to know about what are you talking and focus on many things. I’ve picked the start of the Hungarian GP and to be honest I got stuck after a second. I didn’t know what to say or the opposite and for a minute I was even confused who is who. I mean I didn’t recognize Vettel from Webber and in rush I totally mixed it. Commenting in pairs was fun though. Actually, the whole day was a huge FUN.

It doesn’t matter I suck at commenting. The main thing is that I had fun and I’ve met amazing F1 freaks. I will never forget this day and hopefully we’ll repeat it ASAP!

Here are some photos from this incredible day.

If they have caught your attention, you can watch the whole photo footage here and here


5 thoughts on “I’ve Become a Sport Reporter!!

  1. That is just so amazing! ^_^
    I hope you don’t feel bad about it though? It really does sound as though you did a great job! I mean it was your FIRST ever time at commentating! Plus you had all the pressure of having to do it in this situation.
    You’re already amazing, with or without commentating, you’re going to be a massive success! 🙂

    • Josh, you probably don’t even know how much this means to me! I really love and appreciate your support. But I don’t think you are least talented as I am. What’s more, you gonna be bigger succes and I’m sure you gonna fulfill all your dreams!!

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