F1: Japanese GP 2010

I never know how to start a blog. It’s really hard to find the right words and even harder not to begin every post with the same words.

Well, as each sport series, Formula 1 ends slowly too. There are three more races to go – Korea (it’s still questionable), Brazil and Abu Dhabi. This weekend the motorsport madness moved to a traditional track – Suzuka in Japan. Crazy weather is typical for this area.

The first two free practices were sunny and Sebastian Vettel won both of them. It seems that Lewis Hamilton’s luck is gone. He crashed his McLaren-Mercedes car during one of those free practices and had to replace his gearbox. Hamilton got a 5 grid place penalty because of that. The third free practice could look funny on Saturday morning Japan time. It was pouring since morning hours. Only few cars went out on the wet track and only two drivers’ lap time was measured. And guess who won the third free practice. It was no one else than Jaime Alguersuari! Well, only he and Timo Glock got measured laps, but still, it’s a success! 🙂

Even the Qualifying had to be postponed till Sunday morning because of that torrential rain. Actually, I admire those Japanese F1 fans. The weather conditions were totally crazy and all the tribunes were almost full! They didn’t give a damn that they got soaked. That’s what I call devotion. Anyways, the qualifying was at 10am Japan time, which was 3am CET. I think I’m not as huge Formula 1 fanatic as those Japanese ones. There was a German channel which aired the Qs live, but there wasn’t a chance for me getting up at 3am. The same channel showed a recap of the qualifying at 5.40am though. It was much better time for me, so I watched it this morning before the race. I was surprised when Sebastian Buemi was out in the Q1. Well, the track was still a little bit wet. There were some wet spots actually, nothing serious. Obviously, RBR- Renaults are like at home on this track. Sebastian Vettel won the pole position whilst his team mate, Mark Webber finished second. Lewis Hamilton was third but according to his 5 grid place penalty started only from the 8th position later on Sunday. This is why Robert Kubica moved to the 3rd grid place, Fernando Alonso to 4th and Jenson Button to 5th. Actually, both Mercedes GP and Williams-Cosworth cars were pretty fast. Those four drivers were qualified in the following order – Nico Rosberg 6th (Mercedes GP), Rubens Barrichello 7th (Williams-Cosworth), Nico Hülkenberg 9th (Williams-Cosworth) and Michael Schumacher 10th (Mercedes GP).

The start of the race was incredible. Accidents are pretty usual in Suzuka, but I’ve never seen a crash on the start. Vitaly Petrov tried to overtook the slow Hülkenberg, who was having some problems. But Vitaly slicked and crashed into the barriers. Felipe Massa went off the track in the first turn onto the wet grass and slicked too. He crashed right into Vitantonio Liuzzi and knockout him. Both of these accidents were under investigation by the stewards. The crash between Hülkenberg and Petrov was a normal race accident, but Vitaly got 5 grid place penalty in the upcoming Korean GP. Felipe Massa didn’t get a penalty and it was his driving fault. I know my friend won’t agree with me. I’m sorry but that’s it. I think Massa should have got that 5 grid place penalty not Petrov. Obviously, the Safety Car was sent in. At least Sebastian Vettel got an amazing start and kept his leading position. Robert Kubica was faster than Mark Webber and overtook him. However, Kubica didn’t drive long on second position. He somehow managed to loose his back right tyre, so Robert was out in the third lap. The Safety Car stayed out till the sixth lap. Honestly, I think Suzuka isn’t an easy track, but the drivers managed to stay on the track without any serious problems. Well, at least the situation was good till the 40th lap. Lewis Hamilton began to have some further problems with his gearbox. In the end he lost the 3rd gear and become slower. Adrian Sutil’s Force India suddenly began to steam and he was forced to retire. Nico Rosberg had the same problem as Sutil few laps after his countryman retired. What’s more, Rosberg slicked and crashed the Mercedes GP car. Well, at least Sebastian Vettel won the Japan GP as he did in 2009. Mark Webber finished second and Fernando Alonso third. Sebastian was so happy and enjoyed his win. There isn’t a clear 2010 title winner. Five drivers still has chance to win it. The championship standings are the following:

Mark Webber (RBR-Renault)


Fernando Alonso (Ferrari)

Sebastian Vettel (RBR-Renault) 206
Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes) 192
Jenson Button  (McLaren-Mercedes) 189

And I have to admire Kamui Kobayashi for those excellent overtakes! He’s such a great driver. I was impressed.

The next race should be in Korea, but still it’s not sure if it happens this season. The track is not done yet…

photos: motorsport.com


4 thoughts on “F1: Japanese GP 2010

  1. nice review! 🙂
    i agree that it was Felipe’s fault it was clear but i think none of them (Massa/Petrov) should have been penalized. i can imagine how mad is Luizzi now.
    felipe can be pretty childish sometimes 😀 wonder if he apologized to him 😀 but i’m always gonna love his cute smile, y’know.
    and yeah, Kamui was really great!
    hope there will be the GP of Korea, the more reaces the better!

    • I’m happy you are not mad at me. It’s pretty strange. I think Liuzzi is furious now! lol
      Anyways, thank you for your sweet comment 🙂 More races the better – I totally agree with that!

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