Red Bull X-Fighters Rome 2010

It’s over. The season of the Red Bull X-Fighters is at the end. This fact makes me sad. However, I can’t complain about any event this year. I really loved the whole season: rainy Mexico, spectacular Giza, Russian atmosphere in Moscow, traditional Madrid, playful London. But let’s stop in Rome for a while.

Stadio Flaminio in Rome (ITA) was the last stop, where we got to know the name of the series winner. There was only 5 points difference between the leading Andre Villa and second Nate Adams before Rome. I’m not surprised that the stadium was packed and even the track was built interestedly. Finally, I could even hear Ronnie Renner! I totally enjoy the races more when he is the co-commentator.

However, there were few things which made me sad before the Round 2 could even begin. Cameron Sinclair and Libor Podmol crashed. It’s such a bad way to end the season. I didn’t find any pics of Cam’s crash, but Podmol’s doesn’t look good at all. Take a look at it here. What’s more Mike Mason didn’t get to the Round 2 either… This judging system can be annoying sometimes.

Well, the final event started at 10pm for the ones who was watching it online. First “battle” was between Mat Rebeaud and Danny Torres. Surprisingly, Torres pulled a pretty solid run and qualified to the semifinals. Remi Bizouard had a very nice run, but his chances against Andre Villa were little. Villa’s run was amazing, and as a potential series winner he qualified to the semi finals too. Adam Jones was amazing! He pulled such an incredible ride and gave no chances to Brice Izzo to even think about a semi final run. Actually, I didn’t expect Jones to be so good on Saturday night. He always surprises me when I don’t even count with him. Renner said his rides are rollercoasterish and I agree with that 🙂 The last “battle” was between Josh Sheehan and Nate Adams in the Round 2. Sheehan made his X-Fighters debut in style. However, Nate Adams was qualified in the next round.

Semi finals were the most interesting. Andre Villa’s ride wasn’t bad, but he made few mistakes. Even his nice Italian underwear wasn’t enough to get to the final. Adam Jones had an amazing run again. Nate Adams didn’t qualify to the final too. Danny Torres appeared to be in an amazing shape. It was completely unexpected, but I sort of like how it turned out. Although I felt a little bit sorry for Andre Villa, who was obviously angry at himself for making those mistakes. Well, the finals were amazing. Adam Jones had a great run, but for making a small mistake his chance to win was buried. Danny Torres pulled a flawless run and won. Nate Adams won the series and has become the Red Bull X-Fighters champion for 2010.

I really loved it. The slo-mos were incredible, and I loved this picture:

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that even David Coulthard was there. It wasn’t a big deal. The best was that I saw Mase whilst the interview with him. Coulthard obviously doesn’t know a thing about it, but he’s sponsored by Red Bull, so… What’s more, Adam Jones popped up in every picture during the interview with Nate Adams 🙂

It was an amazing night, amazing season in amazing places. I really can’t wait till season 2011. I’m sure the organizers will pick interesting places again. So Red Bull X-Fighters fans see ya in 2011!


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