My Pleasure

I have been thinking how I could lighten up my blog. I write a lot about sport events, which can be a little weary. Well, I was bored the other night, so I have created a list of The 15 Sexiest Men. The first eleven are simply hot, but the last four have special meaning for me. This time sorry guys and girls enjoy 🙂

11. because of Ryan (The O.C.)10. because of his gorgeous smile9. because of his genius look8. because he is the man7. because he is the bad boy6. because the reason is not even necessary5. because he is the joker4. because he is crazy, funny and not a …3. because he is a Leto2. because of his laidback charm1. because of his incredible blue eyes

So this was the list of the hottest guys. The next list is about the ones, who have special meanings in my life and as an extra are hot too. There isn’t any order.

because their music healed my soulbecause he is a born GYMKHANA-er, incredible guy and a Monsterbecause of his incredible stunts, dauntlessness and omnipresent thumb upbecause he is my ultimate hero

photo: google


3 thoughts on “My Pleasure

  1. OMG, I need to comment on everything… point by point xP
    11. I’ve always prefered Seth xP
    10. Oh, I love him too ^^
    9. Reid <3333333
    8. I don't really understand the phenomenon of Peter… but ok, my friend loves him too.
    7. I have no idea who is that…
    6. As with Peter but far more… he sighs too much…
    5. Oh, Adam… <3333 Idk why, I hate when people complain… but he's so adorable in it xP I've read looong time ago an article that was comparing him to Chicken Little and the writer had a point really xP
    4. He has skateboarding dog… nothing to add really xP
    3. I like only actor-Leto… I don;t really get 30-secs-Leto… sorry. Love their videos, tho.
    2. C'mon, his shirt hangs on my wall xP
    1. oh, Damon… and so involved with dogs and environment… <333
    * Ok, I know you love them ^^
    * The way he drives… that car xP
    * Wait, are you actually implying that Travis is not HOT? I have to disagree, he would make it to my numbers for sure.
    * sorry again…have no idea about the identity of this guy… he's F1 that I know for sure…
    Oh that's all? xP I have to make sth like that too…

    • I love you!! bestest comment I ever read! now it’s turn to comment back :p
      8. idk, but sort of like him. like his mature look 😀 but definitely is not one of my obsessions xD
      7. You don’t know Jacoby Shaddix?? Papa Roach leader.. ring a bell? and the hoster of Scarred
      5. Adam is deffo my obsession. I love his comlaining and his way of acting 😀
      4. Dyrdek is my obsession too and 2. as well xD
      and those not ranked… I consider Travis HOT! he is hot and have special meaning for me… but why it’s a pretty long story which really doesn’t even make sense.. as well as Kimi Raikkonen. those four marked * by you are too special to be ranked 😀

      • Aaa, papa Roach, ok, I know him xP
        Oh, Kimi, I thought so, but wasn’t sure…
        Ok, ok, Travis <333

        It is so hard to choose pictures for these kind of things O.o xP

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