F1: Singapore GP 2010

The last weekend was in the sign of Formula One. Singapore is the only place where the race is during the night. It was the third race on this track, but everybody knows about its history. Thank to Flavio Briatore, the ex-boss of team Renault, the first race ever was not legit on this track. Nelson Piquet was ordered to crash his Renault into the wall in a way that the safety car would be needed. That helped his team mate Fernando Alonso to win the race. This whole idea was Briatore’s and I’m sure Alonso knew about it too… Anyways, it’s the past and I’ll focus on the Singapore GP 2010.

Before I begin to write the qualification results down, some drivers were replaced for this GP. For example Christian Klien replaced ill Sakon Yamamoto in Hispania Racing Team and Nick Heidfeld replaced Pedro de la Rosa in Sauber. Personally, I think it was a good move. Young drivers deserve their chances too. And honestly, neither Yamamoto nor de la Rosa had amazing results so far…

Well, the first part of qualification was interesting. The track was still wet. Everybody slipped, but no one crashed. However, Felipe Massa was the least lucky one. His car just stopped before he could even start his measured lap. Without a lap time and with a gear box problem he had to retire and was forced to start from the last position. However, his team mate, Fernando Alonso, won the qualification. Sebastian Vettel finished second and Lewis Hamilton right behind him. The biggest surprise was that Michael Schumacher got into the Q3. Finally. What’s more, he finished with the 9th best time. Kamui Kobayashi was pleased with his 10th best time for sure, as well Jaime Alguersuari with the 11th one. However, Jaime started the race from the pit lane. It was such a shame 😦

The race was like a roller coaster. The start was amazing though. Vettel almost overtook Alonso, but the Spaniard defended his position well. Vitantonio Liuzzi’s car stopped on the track, so the Safety Car was called in the third lap. Mark Webber had a fast pit stop, which occurred to be a good decision afterwards. The safety car was called in the 32nd lap too, because of Kamui Kobayashi’s crash into the wall. Obviously, Bruno Senna didn’t saw him and crashed into the Sauber car and knockout himself too. That helped Webber to be third. He was fast enough to work down his time lack between him and McLaren cars and overtook both of them. However, Lucas di Grassi didn’t let Mark Webber to overtake him, so Hamilton tried to overtake Webber, but it wasn’t the best idea. Lewis Hamilton didn’t leave enough space for Webber in the turn, so Webber ran into him a little. Angry Hamilton was out. Personally, I think it was his fault, but Webber was lucky, that his car was “undamaged”. After this crash Michael Schumacher ran into Nick Heidfeld. Both crashes were under investigation, but with no further action. However, Heikki Kovalainen was the on who had the biggest luck. The Lotus car set on fire. Heikki didn’t want to bring the car to the box in a case of explosion, so he stopped on the finish line. Then he asked for a fire extinguisher and blew out the fire.  I’m glad that the car didn’t explode. It could have end pretty badly. Well, at the end Fernando Alonso won the race. Sebastian Vettel finished second and Mark Webber third.

The driver’s championship is still opened and I’m curious if there will be a Korean GP this year…


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