F1 or WRC?

The season in motorsports is getting slowly over and rumors, who stays and who have to go are making me tired. This year Kimi Räikkönen’s future is a top topic in motorsport world again. Will he stay in WRC or come back to F1?

Kimi’s last season in Formula One was not his best one. However, it was not his fault. Team Ferrari was and still is not as fast as it used to be. Recently, they have found the path of improvements.

This year in WRC was not bad for Kimi though. Honestly, he surprised me that he mostly finished from 6th to 10th position. Alright, there were some rallies he didn’t finish at all. But he is a rookie and one season is not enough to become the best. As he always says, he has to learn and get use to it. A rally car is not the same as a formula one.

After winning the SS19 in Germany his hopes raised. Finally, the results of his hard work are seen. He and the whole team are making progress. As he said it would be good if he could use his experiences next year.

However, there are some options to return to F1. He would go back only with a front-running team. The last rumor is that Kimi or his manager contacted the team Renault. I don’t know if Renault is a front-running team, but they definitely have made progress. Still, Eric Boullier did not say they want Kimi upon any terms. Renault is fine with Vitaly Petrov. It is hard for him to have a racing weekend without mistakes, but he is a rookie in F1. Actually, he opened the sponsor doors for them in Russia, so it’s obvious they will give him chances to prove he is making progress. If not, Renault has some more options and of them is Kimi Räikkönen, said Boullier.

Personally, I can imagine Kimi driving for Renault next to Robert Kubica. They would make a good team. Still, it is hard to tell, if Kimi is really prepared to come back into this world full of intrigues and “paparazzis”. I just hope he will make the right decision, which he will not regret.

photos: google


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