F1: Italian GP 2010

Two weeks after the Belgian GP, we moved on in the F1 event calendar. I am not a Ferrari fan, but seeing that huge loyal crazy crowd mostly yelling: “Forza Ferrari!” made me smile. It is always great to have support which shows it. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when the Ferrari team was pushing it to the limits and was pleased with their fans.

Finally, I managed to watch some minutes from the first and second practices. Luckily, I saw how Mark Webber’s Red Bull stopped in a second. Honestly, chances weren’t high for RBR Renault to be successful in Monza, but I didn’t count with such mechanical problems… McLarens looked fast enough to keep up with the homy Ferraris.

Vitantonio Liuzzi’s qualification ended pretty soon due to car engine problems. Still, I am surprised by Force India’s progress this season. But, Michael Schumacher’s non-success isn’t anything new. He couldn’t get to the Q3 again, whilst Nico Rosberg was in there as usual…  There was a huge difference between the two Renault cars too. Robert Kubica is finally alive and back in shape. As it was seen during the practices, Red Bull couldn’t fight for the pole position. Mark Webber finished 4th and Sebastian Vettel 6th. The most interesting was the McLaren driver’s decision though. Lewis Hamilton decided not to run the F-duckt while Jenson Button stuck to it. Lewis is the one, who likes to take risks. However, it wasn’t a clever decision this time. Hamilton finished 5th whilst Jenson Button was having a “fight” with Fernando Alonso for the pole position. At the end Alonso was faster, but Jenson started from the first row anyway. Felipe Massa got the 3rd position, where he could greatly protect his team mate…

And here I come to the point, where I have to tell that I’m not satisfied with FIA’s “punishment” for Ferrari at all… A 100,000 dollars fee is nothing for that Hockenheim affair. I think Massa would have to even crash his or somebody else’s car to help Alonso win. It’s totally ridiculous what they do in Ferrari

Jenson Button was incredibly fast on the start. He even overtook Alonso and led the race. Both Ferrari drivers were pretty aggressive though. Also Lewis Hamilton pushed it hard, what led him right into Felipe Massa and broke his front right tyre. I think Monza hates Hamilton, because last season he didn’t score too. He crashed in the last lap, which helped Kimi Räikkönen to be on the podium 🙂 Gosh, I miss those times…

Anyways, Mark Webber had a sleep in again and lost a few positions. Nico Rosberg and Robert Kubica had a good start though. Sebastian Vettel’s car was having some engine problems after some laps, but luckily it wasn’t anything serious. Red Bull chose an interesting strategy for him for this race. He had his pit stop in the last lap and thank to it he finished 4th. There was only one penalty during the race and it was a drive through for Jaime Alguersuari for cutting a chicane. It was a calm race afterwards. However, I have never seen an ambulance in box. There wasn’t any announce what happened, but then the commentators informed us about Yamamoto’s injured mechanic. The pit stops began afterwards. Nico Hülkenberg could gain few seconds to overtake Kubica and Webber. Hülkenberg overtaking Webber is questionable though. To avoid a collision he cut a chicane, but didn’t let Webber to pass him afterwards… However, it wasn’t investigated, so I guess it was all right. Fernando Alonso managed to overtake the leader Jenson Button. This was the best moment for the Italian crowd. Nothing much happened afterwards though. Button was chasing Alonso, Massa was chasing Button… But never catch each other.

Well, this was Monza 2010. I cannot wait till it’s time for the night race. Singapore race track has its own curious history involving Piquet, Briatore and Fernando Alonso win. Actually, it’s rather Fernando Alonso, who has his own dark and curious history… Let’s see what will happen in 10 days from now.

photos: motorsport.com

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