F1: Belgian GP 2010

Spa Francorchamps, Belgium – the greatest place for racing. I will always remember Belgium GP 2009 – Kimi Räikkönen’s awesome win. It was a surprise, because last season Ferrari sucked. Kimi didn’t. He showed everyone he deserves his champion title more than anyone else.  But that’s the past. However, nothing changed.

Spa was incredible as always. I was surprised when I read that it’s finally Schumacher’s time… Didn’t he have 10-place grid penalty for nearly running Rubens Barrichello into the pit wall at the Hungarian GP? How did he want to have a successful weekend? Okay, when he won the pole he would have some chances. But it’s not possible with that Mercedes GP car… What’s more, his apology to Rubens via a text mesaage was hilarious… And what he said on the press conference, that his aim wasn’t to push him against the wall – more that interesting.

Talking of Rubens Barrichello, it was his 300th race in his career Sunday – congratulations man 🙂

The weather forecast promised rain in the western part of Europe – lot of rain actually. For our pleasure, they were right. Rain made the qualification amazing. In the beginning of Q1 it rained pretty much. They had to even stop it, because Vitaly Petrov slipped and crashed his Renault. Honestly, it was his fault. After they cleaned the track and got Petrov’s car out of the track the Q1 continued. The “new” teams got their chance to get into the second part of the qualification. Heikki Kovalainen was the one, who won that battle. As I said before, Mercedes GP cars are not fast enough. Both their cars finished on 12th and 11th position with Schumacher on the better one. A heavier rain occurred at the end of the Q3 too. So, Fernando Alonso slept in a little during those 10 minutes and couldn’t drive a better time. He finished 10th. This time Mark Webber won the pole position. A silver arrow driving by Lewis Hamilton got the 2nd position. And finally the Pole, Robert Kubica found his way back to the podium!  However, Sebastian Vettel got only the 4th one.

The rain took care of the entertainment on Sunday too. It was questionable if it rains or not before the start. Everybody stuck to the tyres they already had. The start was interesting. Mark Webber slept in, what cost him his leading position and gave a chance to Lewis Hamilton to lead the race. Robert Kubica and Sebastian Vettel were pretty fast too. However, the rain had come and everybody stayed out on slicks. It was a stupid decision, if you ask me. Everybody was slipping out of the track. The funniest “crash” was when Rubens Barrichello slipped into Fernando Alonso. Rubens was done, but Fernando was able to continue in the race. Stewards proclaimed it as a race accident and it really was just a race accident. The next interesting accident was between Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel whilst Hamilton was leading fearlessly. Sebastian was trying to overtake Button, but his aim failed. During the overtaking process Sebastian slipped right into the silver arrow and ended Button’s race whilst he could continue. Safety car came in and the situation calmed a little bit down. Honestly, I’m not surprised Button blames Vettel for ruining his race, because it was Sebastian’s fault for sure. He knows it too, so after the race he apologized.

“I’m sorry, it was not my intention to destroy his race or mine.”

Stewards punished Vettel with a drive through penalty. But the next accident could make Button happier than the penalty. Vitantonio Liuzzi ran into Vettel and caused him a puncture with his front wing. This time it was Liuzzi’s fault. However, Sebastian Vettel’s chances to score at least one point could be forgotten.

During the pit stops, the Renault mechanics ruined Kubica’s chance to finish second. Mark Webber’s tyre change was faster. He got on the second position and could keep it till the end of the race.

The second rain jam came app. 20 laps before the end of the race. The forecasters predicted a pretty heavy rain. The mechanics even prepared the tyres for extreme conditions. However, the “leaders” decided to stay out. Adrian Sutil was the first one who went for the tyres. It didn’t help him though. Then also Hamilton, Webber, Kubica and Massa decided to change the tyres. Actually, I really don’t understand, why Sebastian Vettel came for the exact same tyres twice…

A couple laps before the end, Fernando Alonso made the same mistake as Petrov did during the Saturday’s qualifying. Alonso crashed into the barriers and finished his race. Safety car came in for the second time. The end of the race was calm after that. Lewis Hamilton won, Mark Webber was 2nd and Robert Kubica finished 3rd.

Well, Jaime Alguersuari was punished with a drive through penalty which is +20 sec for cutting the Bus Stop chicane… It’s not fair. So he’s 13th now and lost his 1 point. This helped Liuzzi to get that point… But seeing Vitaly Petrov on 9th and Kamui Kobayashi on 8th place makes me smile.

All in all the Belgium GP was not a disappointment for sure. Honestly, I can’t wait for Belgium GP 2011 🙂

photo: motorsport.com

3 thoughts on “F1: Belgian GP 2010

  1. I couldn’t wake early to watch the Qualifications, and then, I turned on the TV, and guess what?, due to the rain, I could watch the end of Q3, yupi.

    As I said it before, Webber is looking for his final chance to become a F1 Champion.

    Vettel has the talent, but he needs to learn something from Webber, patience. Yes I know, many people say that Webber is an average driver, that he can only get one championship, that Vettel is the baby Schumi and is meant to get many championships, but he first need a cold head and finish the races.

    Many points were lost for RBR, but there are enough races, and what RBR showed us on sunday makes me think that they can get the Constructors Championship.

    Webber lost the pole due to the slow start, but the lost a chance to recover the first position when the rain began at the final laps, maybe, if RBR called him a lap before, he can passed Kubica and Hamilton before they changed tires.

    It was a great race, and yes, we all miss Kimi.

    Great review, regards !!!

  2. Ah, I like athlete of the week xP But there’s no Facebook “like it!” here… That would make my life much easier xP

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