F1: Hungarian GP 2010

The summer F1 break is going to end soon and I still hadn’t written the Hungarian GP review. Gosh, I’m horrible. It’s time to stop postponing it and write it.

Honestly, I couldn’t watch the race because I was on vacation that time and I think there’s nothing I could write about…But I can try, can’t I?

Well, all F1 fans know how it ended. Sebastian Vettel won the qualifying, Mark Webber was 2nd and Fernando Alonso was 3rd.

So, it was a surprise when I read that Mark Webber won the race. I don’t know what happened to Sebastian again, but he finished 3rd. “Lucky” Alonso finished 2nd. Lewis Hamilton didn’t finish the race because of some gearbox errors. That one thing make me happy despite I didn’t see it. Thank God, YouTube exists 😉 The biggest surprise though, was seeing Vitaly Petrov’s name 5th and Nico Hülkenberg’s 6th on the race result list. The newbies are really moving forward.

This weekend is the Belgium GP. I can’t wait to see a race after more than a month. I really miss F1. I’ve read that this weekend will be in sign of Michael Schumacher. Well, let’s see if he finally starts to move forward as those mentioned rookies. Till then here’s a table of the Driver’s and Team Championship.

Driver Championship Team Championship
1. Mark Webber 161 1. RBR-Renault 312
2. Lewis Hamilton 157 2. McLaren-Mercedes 304
3. Sebastian Vettel 151 3. Ferrari 238

photo: http://www.motorsport.com

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