Red Bull X-Fighters London

Great event with amazing riders on a spectacular place flavored with British weather.

That’s it. It’s that easy so describe Saturday’s Red Bull X-Fighters event…. or maybe not. Actually, it’s never easy to describe something so indescribable.

I always look forward for those events. I only wish to see it live at least once… Whatever.

The riders list was fulfilled with the best athletes. But the best was seeing Mike Mason again. I don’t know why, but recently I really like this guy. And Adam Jones. Those two looks such a fun together.  However, the others aren’t worse 😉

But as you probably know, the weather in UK is pretty changing. It rains, then it doesn’t and then it rains again. So it has rained before the main event. The rain made the track slippery, so the judges decided not to run this competition and nominated the winner based on the qualification results as it happened in Mexico. Levi ‘Gorgeous 18-years old’ Sherwood won the qualification, so he won the main event too. Nate Adams was second and Dany Torres was third. For my lovely pleasure Mike Mason finished fourth and Adam Jones fifth 🙂

What’s more, the guys made a show from the main event, despite that slippery track. I think the crowd didn’t even know what was really going on. But the guys made it to look like it is a real competition. This is what I love about this event. It always surprises me!

However, I feel sorry for Robbie Maddison’s ‘chin meet’n’greet with bike’s hand bars’ and Andre Villa’s landing into the crowd. Luckily no one was hurt badly. At least they have plenty time for recovery. Red Bull X-Fighters final event will be on 2nd October in Rome.

The ones, who missed the event for a good reason, can find videos, pictures, reviews and even more on – the best fmx site ever.

Speaking of videos and this site – for every event they pick some questions and ask them a rider. They asked Mike Mason in Madrid, so I was about to post the video here. But you know, flash isn’t working everywhere… So HERE is the video if anyone is interested how Mase answered the fan questions.

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