X Session

Beginning of the August is the Olympics for Xtreme sports. X Games 16 were on plan from 29th July to 1st August. As a European I was hoping for a live broadcasting. It got more difficult as I hoped, so I was stick with twitter updates and with next day’s full results, pics and videos. I was curious about Moto X Freestyle, Best Whip, Best Trick and Speed & Style.

Freestyle results weren’t a surprise for me. As soon as I found out Travis Pastrana was taking part in Freestyle, I was sure he got the gold medal already. And I think I wasn’t alone. So, as always Travis Pastrana won the gold medal. Levi Sherwood, that young (only 18 years old) talented boy, got the silver medal and Nate Adams was bronze.

The Best Whip runs were incredible. I can’t tell why, but I simply love whips. Whips, Cordova Backflips and Kiss of Deaths are my favourite tricks. This time Todd Potter’s run was honored with the gold medal. Jarryd McNeil was silver and Jeremy Stenberg was bronze.

The Best trick event was the sickest one for me. Knowing that Sincs was about to pull the double Backflip out made me pretty nervous on my way to Croatia. He has that awful accident last year during Red Bull X Fighters in Madrid. Everyone, who’s doing double Backflips or Frontflips, is more than insane. My heart was beating so fast, when I was checking out the result on my vacation. Luckily, Cameron Sinclair did it!! He landed the double pretty smooth and won the gold Moto X Best Trick medal! I was literally freaking out. The receptionist in the hotel was looking at me as I was insane or something. Robbie Maddison pulled out the “Volt” – the trick which helped him to win Red Bull X in Madrid this year. Now, he had to be satisfied with the silver medal from X. Taka Higashino was bronze. I was surprise that Levi Sherwood finished 5th. But never mind. He already has a silver medal from X Games 16.

The Speed & Style was ruled by Travis Pastrana, again. Nate Adams finished with the silver medal. Ronnie Faisst and Jeremy Stenberg had to share the bronze medal.

Actually, I’m sure everybody who’s interested in Xtreme sports, knows the result already. I just wanted to post a short article about it too. Most of you know Travis Pastrana is one of my ultimate heroes. But there’s no place for favorites in Freestyle. At least I don’t have favorites. Each rider has its own style and own personality and I love them for that. I just missed a medal either for Mike Mason or Adam Jones, but there will be another chance next year 😉

Late congratulations to the medalists. For vids and pics check out www.xgames.com


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