Red Bull X Fighters Madrid 2010

It’s July and it was the time when Spain hosted the best freestyle motocross riders from the whole world. The Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid was chocking full and every Spaniard was cheering for their national freestyle hero Dany Torres.

I was really looking forward for this event. Red Bull X Fighters are amazing in Madrid. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to Spain, but a friend of mine did, so I can’t wait to read her review.  I was watching the whole event on TV. For my huge surprise Mike Mason made it to the X-Fighters. I haven’t known Nate Adams will skip this event and Mason will replace him. I couldn’t wait seeing his tricks. Unluckily, he wasn’t as good as I thought he would. But the huge temper in the bull arena could easily affect his focus. The winner from Moscow – Levi Sherwood ended in the Round 1 too. I really felt sorry for him, but on the other hand Robbie Maddison pulled out a new trick! I think it was the “Volt” and it was amazing. Mat Rebeaud looked better on bike this time too after that bad injury he had. So the final was Mat Rebeaud vs. Robbie Maddison.

Honestly, Mat’s chances weren’t high against Maddo’s trick. Robbie Maddison did the best again and finally he reached the top “podium stand”.

All in all it was a great event. Huge congratulations to the winner and Adam Jones, who celebrated his 26th birthday on last Friday! For more videos and photos from this event don’t forget to check out the

By the way, today’s the first day of the X Games 16! If you can watch it, then WATCH IT! 🙂


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