F1: German GP 2010

Sun. Rain. Accidents. Surprises. Affairs.

German Grand Prix had everything. This was the most interesting weekend up to now. But let’s start with the practices, where Lewis Hamilton crashed. It wasn’t a big deal and it happened because the track was slippery from the rain. Well, as you all know, I don’t have many chances to watch the practices, but this time I was able to catch few minutes from all three practices. However, I missed Hamilton crash. Thank God YouTube exists and I could find a video there. As I said before, it wasn’t a big deal.

Qualifying began very interestedly. Vitantonio Liuzzi crashed into the wall few minutes after the first part of qualifying had begun. Adrian Sutil repined at the car’s grip in the beginning and end of the turn after it. I guess, there was something wrong with the car’s set up. At least Liuzzi was fine, although he wasn’t moving in the car and that frightened me a bit. It wasn’t a surprise that Michael Schumacher ended his qualifying in the second part. I know that the Schumi fans hate me, but I can’t help myself. He shouldn’t have come back. If he didn’t want to be out of the Formula 1, there would be plenty other ways he could stay in F1. I really think he’s is too old for this. Luckily Mercedes has an amazing driver called Nico Rosberg. He got to the final part of qualifying and finished with the 9th best time.  Nico Hülkenberg was between him and the 11th Michael. Both Ferrari cars and Sebastian Vettel took care of the excitement in the final part of qualifying. Those three drivers were fighting for the pole. Vettel won the pole position and was just 0.002sc faster than Fernando Alonso. Felipe Massa finished with the 3rd best time and right behind him was Mark Webber – the driver “number 2” in Red Bull Racing. McLaren cars filled 5th and 6th grid – in order Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

Personally, I think the race was the most interesting part of the weekend and I could write at least three pages about what happened and my opinion, but I don’t want to bother you with it. So I’ll tell it briefly and hopefully we can discuss it in comments. I’d love to.

Well, the start was pretty interesting again. Sebastian Vettel had to defend his first position, because Fernando Alonso was obviously faster at the start as him. While these two drivers were preoccupied with themselves, Felipe Massa took advantage of this and overtook his team mate and Sebastian Vettel. The start didn’t make me happy at all, actually. Vettel lost his leading position and was only third. Massa led the race pretty long and after few laps that didn’t bother me at all anymore. He had an awful accident last year in Hungary, which was on the 25th July 2009. But then the stumbling-block came. Massa got a very interesting conversation. Well, it wasn’t a conversation at all. It was rather an instruction from Rob Smedley. We could here only this:

“OK, so, Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood that message?”

My first though was: ’OMG, is the Schumacher-Barrichello easy overtake re-happening?’ I guess I was right. Massa didn’t answer, but in the 49th lap he slowed his car in the turn, so Alonso could easily overtook him. More awful was what Smedley told him again:

“Good lad. Just stick with him now. Sorry. “

I was totally, like this is not happening and I’m just dreaming… What the hell got into Ferrari and Domenicali? Why they did it to Massa and what was their point? That’s what I’m asking. Obviously Fernando wasn’t faster than Massa. They had the exact same cars! Massa could celebrate the anniversary of that awful accident which could cost him his life with a wonderful win in Germany. But no, Domenicali thought that Alonso got higher chances in the drivers’ championship… But I’m telling you now, he won’t win it. And I’m not talking about that theater play what Alonso and Stefano played after the ceremony! Poor Massa. He was totally pissed off and I can totally understand it. I wouldn’t want to talk about it neither. The way how Domenicali acted made me literally sick. The whole Formula 1 is not what it used to be.

All in all Fernando Alonso won the race. Felipe Massa was 2nd and Sebastian Vettel finished 3rd. But the real winner of the German GP for me is Felipe Massa. As I told you, I could write at least three pages about this unfair and ridiculous Ferrari affair. Now, tell me that team order doesn’t exist… Actually, I haven’t written about the track and other stuff at all and I wrote more than one page. I really hope there will be a discussion under this article. I’d love to read your opinion on this thing.

photos: motorsport.com


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