F1: British GP 2010

The time always goes so fast when I am on holidays… I’ve just realized it is Sunday and I’m a week late with my review.

Well, everybody expects a rainy Formula 1 weekend in UK because we know how the weather changes fast there. However, I couldn’t see a cloud through the screen.

The qualification went pretty smooth for the Red Bull Racing team. Sebastian Vettel got the pole position with Mark Webber right next to and Fernando Alonso behind him. McLaren didn’t seem to be in “shape” on Saturday. Lewis Hamilton started from the 4th place and Jenson Button finished in the second part of the qualifying with the 14th fastest time.

But my dream didn’t come true. Few nights before the British GP I dreamt about that Felipe Massa will get the pole but right after the start he’d some problem and lost the first position. However, in some way I was right. But the one who got the pole and was struggling after the start wasn’t Massa but it was Sebastian Vettel. He was defending his leading position and in a sudden he was out of the track and he picked a puncture. I’m just asking why only Vettel has to always have the misfortune… He was struggling till the end of the race, but finished 7th. Ferrari team was lucky neither. Alonso got a drive through penalty for shortening a turn and getting an advance in overtaking Kubica. Fernando finished 14th and Massa 15th. Well, Ferrari is not what it used to be anymore. I was pretty amazed seeing Barrichello finishing 5th and Kobayashi 6th. Nice job! And here comes the British GP podium stands. Mark Webber won the race, what isn’t making me happy at all. Lewis Hamilton was 2nd and Nico Rosberg finished 3rd. It looks like this young German driver is the number 1 in the Mercedes. I’m just wondering if Michael hasn’t regretted the comeback.


One thought on “F1: British GP 2010

  1. I was expecting that RBR wins with a 1 – 2, unfortunately, Vettel got at the bottom to fast due to the puncture.

    I don’t know why Vettel give up too fast, well, this is my opinion. What I mean, is that if not for the Safety Car, maybe he could ended the race more positions behind.

    Alonso, as all the drivers, must know and respect all the rules. I can’t believe of what he and Ferrari are capable to do.

    I enjoy the race.

    Regards !!!

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