Red Bull X-Fighters Moscow 2010

This event organizer always tries to bring Freestyle Motocross to the unusual places on the Earth. The riders challenged their strengths next to the pyramids in May and they moved to the Red Square – the centre of Moscow, Russia in June. Honestly, I have never seen such a big sport event to take place right on the Red Square. It looks like Red Bull X-Fighters can do everything.

Besides the uncommon place the riders list was incredible. I can freely say it was the strongest “line up” in this season. This one really attracted my attention : Nate Adams (USA), Dany Torres (ESP), Eigo Sato (JAP), Mat Rebeaud (CH), Levi Sherwood (NZL), Bilko Williams (AUS), Cameron Sinclair (AUS), Alex Kolesnikov (RUS), Adam Jones (USA), Andre Villa (NOR), Jim McNeil (USA) and Robbie Maddison (AUS).

To be honest I can’t say who my favourite from these riders is … Well, I can’t choose from all riders in the world. Everyone has his special style and way of selling himself. Seeing Sincs to ride after that crash always cheers me up. What’s more Mat is back too!

What’s more, this event was a BLAST! I could watch it on a normal screen, finally. Nova Sports broadcasted it LIVE! Well, I enjoyed every trick. However, sometimes guys gave me heart attacks and Bilko was injured during the qualifying. I think getting stuck in a Russian hospital without knowing how to say a word in Russian might be “fun”.

All in all it was a great night. Levi Sherwood – the Rubber Kid kicked it. This young boy still amazes me. Nate Adams finished second and Andre Villa – the winner from the first stop was third.

In July it’s Madrid time. So stay tuned in and whilst you are waiting for the Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid best trick and the main event check out the best FMX site ever.

credits: redbull


One thought on “Red Bull X-Fighters Moscow 2010

  1. I couldn’t wath the event neither live nor the complete replay.

    I only watched from the relay, the second semi final and the final. Both was awesome !!

    As you, before the X fighters, I can’t imagine that kind of events at the Mother Russia, I mean, the world has changed too much.

    La plaza Roja, as we named it in spanihs or Red Square, looks impressive, I hope I can visit it.

    Regards and let’s wait for the next date of the Red Bull X Figthers !!!!


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