F1: European GP 2010

Honestly, I don’t understand why people think Formula One is boring. Almost every F1 race has excitement, danger and it is full of emotions. European GP in Valencia, Spain had everything. What’s more, it is suited in a very nice location – right next to the beach. It is always a sunny F1 weekend there. I don’t remember if it ever rained there when this extremely luxurious event took part there. Oh, yeah maybe in 2007 🙂

The excitement has begun right during the qualifying on Saturday. I was pretty stoked when Michael Schumacher almost did not get to the Q2. Actually, I’m still the opinion he should have stayed out of racing. It is not a place for him anymore. Anyways, he got stuck in the second part of qualifying with his team mate Nico Rosberg. Williams’ cars looked faster this time as usually. Both drivers- Rubens Barrichello and Nico Hülkenberg got to the final part of qualifying, where they ended with the same lap time. But what is the most important thing about qualifying that Sebastian Vettel got the pole position! Mark Webber was right behind also with a RBR Renault and Lewis Hamilton on the 3rd position with a McLaren Mercedes.

I couldn’t wait till the race. Sebastian’s chances to win the whole race were much higher this time. He’s got a brilliant start. Well, but I don’t know what happened to Mark, but it look like he fell asleep on the start. He lost few positions and ended on the 9th one. What’s more, after his first pit stop he got stuck at the end with much slower cars. He tried to overtake Heikki Kovalainen, but it would have ended catastrophically this time. Mark was coming toward Heikki pretty fast. The Finn was defending his position, but Mark wasn’t sure what Heikki was doing and after Kovalainen put on brake Mark ran onto the Lotus and made almost a Backflip in the air with his Red Bull Renault. All Gods and guardian angels were there with Webber and luckily he is unhurt. These athletes are giving my heart attacks lately. I have to add that Heikki is alright – no one got hurt and this time I don’t blame anyone. I’m happy how it ended because it would have ended fatal too.

The excitement didn’t end with this crash. While the safety car was in everybody came out to have the given pit stop. Luckily Vettel stayed in the leading position. But the funny moments came when the safety car went out from the track. Stewards immediately started to investigate few drivers. The first one was Lewis Hamilton who got a drive through penalty, because he overtook the safety car when it was coming out. I’m not sure if it was a fair penalty. I’d give him a stop and go one. Then Adrian Sutil, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Robert Kubica, Vitaly Petrov, Rubens Barrichello, Nico Hülkenberg, Pedro de la Rosa, Jenson Button and Sebastien Buemi will be investigated after the race, because they didn’t adapt the speed to the circumstances. That’s why; I think the final results aren’t final yet. Another interesting and for me absurd thing was Michael Schumacher’s pit stops. Mercedes GP and its strategy ruined Schumacher’s race. I’d be glad if anyone could explain me what was their strategy, actually. The saddest moment was for me when Nico Hülkenberg’s car was having problems. It looked like the back of the car was burnt. Nico was obviously angry. They were having their race of the season – I’d be angry too. On the other hand the surprise of the race was Kamui Kobayashi while he was driving on the third position and in the last four laps he overtook Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Buemi after his given pit stop ended on the 7th position.

All in all, Sebastian Vettel won the race and made my day 🙂 Finally the young German boy is back! Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button followed him on the 2nd and 3rd position. Well, it’s a funny coincidence that today Germany beats UK in Formula 1 and in World Cup in soccer too 🙂

photos: motorsport.com

video: youtube.com


2 thoughts on “F1: European GP 2010

  1. Hi:!!!

    While watching the Qualifying, I was expecting to see RBR at the pole, and it happens.

    What I didn’t expected, is to see both Williams at Q3 while both Force India being were left behind at Q2.

    As you, I’m happy that Kovalainen and Webber didn’t get hurt after the crash, but I’m not agreed at all on not blaming a driver for the incident.

    I thought Webber lost his mind when he was passed by many cars, I hope he can learn something about yesterday, for the team and for him. I hope too that I got wrong.

    Kobayashi !!! was playing tricks on his pursuers, for a while, I thought we were watching a third McLaren, jejejeje, pity for the guys that couldn’t passed him, great for Sauber team.

    And as you said too, when Kobayashi passed Alonso and Buemi makes me happy for him.

    Great review, nice to read you, regards!!!

    • Thank you so much for your comment Simu! 🙂 It’s really great to know you like my reviews!
      I’m not blaming anybody because it was such a horrible accident and I think this is right. I’m just happy nobody is hurt. That’s all!
      Kobayashi’s result are impressive!!

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