F1: Canadian GP 2010

After Monaco the Formula One moved to Montréal, Canada. Most of you know I’m pretty obsessed with Canada and especially with Montréal. My favourite band is from this city. What’s more Canadiens de Montréal is the best NHL hockey team ever! This is why I’m so happy that this motorsport craziness didn’t miss there this year.

1.1 Practices

Well, I could have watched all of the practices this time, but as always nothing is perfect. Because of my last final exam on Tuesday I couldn’t afford not to study. Even not because of F1. This is why I decide to watch only the main events.

1.2 Qualification went pretty smooth. There weren’t any surprises…or… Well. There were two surprises. The first was when Michael Schumacher’s qualification ended in the second heat. His Mercedes wasn’t as fast as Nico’s so he started from the 13th position. I was happy that both Williams’s cars got the 11th and 10th starting position though. The biggest surprise was when none of the Red Bull Racing drivers won the qualification! Vettel got the 3rd and Webber the 2nd position. Lewis Hamilton was the one who got the pole position. But the funniest moment was when Lewis had to stop on the race track because there wasn’t enough fuel in the car. The team needed a fuel sample so he turned off the engine and stopped on the track. It was hilarious watching him pushing the car. However, I wish he didn’t get only a reprimand and 10,000 fine…

1.3 Race was else as the other races in this season. The circuit in Montréal is fast and in some sections narrow. But this is not the reason why this race differs from the others. Both RBR cars had a good start as Hamilton had. However, this time all drivers visited the boxes more often as usual. We were used to one pit stop, but now there were three/four pit stops. That really made the whole race more interesting and I really love watching the F1 broadcast from the Hungarian TV channel. I totally love their sportscasters. They always make me laugh. They were even making fun if the teams brought enough tyres for the race! But I was pissed of because RBR cars didn’t finish on the podium at all. Sebastian Vettel had some problems with his car…again… I’m wondering when this will happen to Mark Webber. So that meant another double for McLaren with Lewis Hamilton in the lead and Jenson Button right after him. Fernando Alonso followed this couple on the third place.

1.4 The biggest winners are Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso for finishing on the podium. We missed good results from Ferrari and the McLaren, but now I hope they won’t be often on the podium stands. Although congratulation to them. They did a good job this time.

1.5 I’ve picked two drivers for the biggest “looser” section. Vitaly Petrov didn’t have luck in Canada. I think he was the only punished driver during the race for pretty many things. Also Felipe Massa missed luck too. It’s not good to finish 15th with a Ferrari… This reminds me Luca Badoer’s and Giancarlo Fisichella’s results from last season. I hope Massa will get into the old good shape soon!

photos: http://www.motorsport.com


One thought on “F1: Canadian GP 2010

  1. Hi!!

    I watched the qualifying and when I see how Hamilton ended Q3 makes me think that this guy is trying to find gaps on the rules and exploit them.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t watched the whole race, again. But what I did, was very interesting, Buemi driving at first place while holding back Alonso, Schumi changing and changing tires.

    I thought that this year, all the teams wants to fight for every available point, that’s why Ferrari is not always on the top five.

    Congrats and I hope you have scored a great result on your exam.


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