WRC: Rally de Portugal 2010

The past weekend was full of motorsport events again. I know I didn’t write a review about the Rally in New Zealand but neither Ken Block nor Kimi Räikkönen was there. Both of them skipped it and I was pretty overwhelmed with studies. That’s it.

Now, the WRC guys moved to Portugal, where the double K couple participated – one with early retirement and the other with luck.

Ken Block started this rally pretty good. His stage times were bad at all. Well, the few stage times he had. Unluckily, Ken and Alex rolled out of the event because of a pace note error. The car didn’t look that damaged, so they were hoping to return on the next day. However, the roll cage in the Ford Focus was found to be damaged, so they had to retire from the whole rally event.

Kimi Räikkönen seemed to be luckier this time. He and Kaj were doing everything to finish the rally. Every time their first goal to accomplish is to cross the finish line on Sunday. They crossed it, but they finished on a worse place I was hoping. Kimi made a progress this weekend but they cut a corner and the car went onto two wheels. Luckily, they didn’t role but picked a puncture. Thank to that they finished 10th gaining one point.

Sebastien Ogier won the rally. I think he is the winner of Rally in New Zealand too. Driver’s championship standing is the following:

photos: http://www.ewrc.cz ; google

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One thought on “WRC: Rally de Portugal 2010

  1. Hi:

    Thanks for the post.

    Yesterday, I watched a part of the review. I don’t know if it is the same on every country, but at Mexico, Fox Sports broadcast only reviews, or I need to watch another tv channel or I need to change my tv carrier.


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