F1: Turkish GP 2010

It was raining the whole weekend in Slovakia but the Turkish GP was without a heavier rain. What could I tell about it? It was pretty hard to focus on the race with a migraine headache but I survived it. YEAH! But let’s talk about the main topic: F1! I like the Turkish track just because of the hard turn 8. Well, I couldn’t watch the practices again. To be honest I could have watched them but I was too lazy to get that early up. However, nothing that important happened during practices if I don’t count those few slides in turn 8.

1.1 Qualifying seems to be much more interesting this season as it was last year. Personally, more cars on the track make it better. However, in the first part of Qs the new cars are always out. I hope they’ll do something about it. Virgin and Hispania RT seem to be the slowest cars, actually. The Q2 was pretty interesting. Fernando Alonso was literally struggling to get into the last part of qualifying. He could try as much as he could but he didn’t get there and was only 12th. Ferrari doesn’t seem to be as fast as they were because Felipe Massa was struggling with the car too. However, he got into the Q3. Mark Webber was the one who won the qualifying…again. Red Bull seems to be pretty fast. I’m sure Vettel would have start from the second not from third position if Michael Schumacher didn’t slide off the track and there were no yellow flags… Actually, it wasn’t bad only for Sebastian but for many others. Lewis Hamilton was 2nd fastest.

1.2 Race wasn’t bad, but it would have been more interesting if it rained a bit more. Webber had a good start…again. Vettel wasn’t bad either. He was faster than Hamilton, but after few turns he took over Vettel. The first pit stop was funny. Mark and Sebastian were lucky, because the McLaren’s mechanics were a bit more slowly than the Red Bull ones, so Webber stayed on the first position and Vettel was second. I was really hoping for a Red Bull double…again. Actually on the first four positions were the two RBR and McLaren cars. This situation reminded me how the Ferrari used to fight for the first places against McLaren – funny. Actually, Massa finished 7th and Alonso 8th

Everything went smooth till that accident. Vettel’s back tyre hit Mark’s front tyre while he was overtaking him. At one moment it looked like both RBR cars were out. “Luckily” Mark’s car needed to change the front wing only, so he finished the race on a very good position comparing to his teammate. Sebastian’s car was damaged pretty much. He wasn’t able to finish the race. I was sad, because it wasn’t his fault. It was so obvious that he was faster than Mark. I don’t know if this Aussie driver didn’t paid attention to coming Vettel, but I’m sure he didn’t see him or he guessed the whole situation badly. I was pissed of that Mark got points and Vettel not… It wasn’t fair at all.

McLaren, Hamilton actually achieved the most from this accident. He finished first and his teammate Jenson Button second. It was the first double (I hope the last) for McLaren. At least Button showed us why he is a champion. I like the way he overtook Hamilton. It looked like this whole movement was planned and they did it on purpose. Very nice. But in the end Hamilton got his position back. So, we know the podium stands: 1st Lewis Hamilton (McLaren), 2nd Jenson Button (McLaren), and 3rd Mark Webber (Red Bull Racing).

1.3 The biggest winners were Hamilton and Button this time. They’ve got the best of that unfortunate accident. That’s it. I’ve got nothing more to say. END.

1.4 The biggest looser definitely is Sebastian Vettel for the mention stupid accident, which wasn’t his fault at all. What’s more, I think Vitaly Petrov lost a LOT! Again, it wasn’t his fault. Fernando Alonso wasn’t playing fair I guess. Unluckily, Petrov had a puncture so he was out. Considering he was driving on a very good place it was a huge bad luck for this Russian newbie. At least he has the fastest lap.

Well, this is my review of the Turkish GP. I hope you enjoyed it at least that much as I did while writing it. The grand prix is going to be in Montréal, Canada. You all know that I’m a bit obsessed with Canada, especially with Montréal (Canadiens de Montréal) so it’s obvious I can’t wait to see my two obsessions at the same time. See ya in 12 days folks 🙂

photos: http://www.motorsport.com


One thought on “F1: Turkish GP 2010

  1. Hi, nice to read you again.

    I watch the race, and the incident between Seb and Mark. In my opinion, it was fault of Seb due to his lack of patience and thirst of victory. The team, Horner in first place, should advice both drivers to avoid that move, 28 points left are too much.

    And not only the points were lost, but the respect of all the teams, maybe, this is a new front the need to battle.

    Mark Webber deserved the victory, he was watching Seb’s last season, so why Seb didn’t return the favour?

    I don’t know if this incident will finish in bringing Seb some special treatment from Red Bull Racing, but if they do, I will be fan of RBR no more.


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