Red Bull X-Fighters Egypt 2010

It’s May – the month when the Red Bull X-Fighters moved to Egypt this time. After the first stop in Mexico, I was hoping for a great night. It doesn’t rain often in Egypt. I’m even wondering if it has ever rained there, actually.  This time the weather didn’t let me down. It looked like it was pretty warm there; I’d say it was hot there.

I was really looking forward for this event, because Mat Rebeaud should have been there. However, he is still injured or well not fit enough to take part in. Here came the chance for another Czech – Petr Pilát to show what he’s got.

Well, here’s the rider list:

1. Nate Adams
2. Robbie Maddison
3. Petr Pilát (Replacement for M. Rebeaud)
4. Eigo Sato
5. Levi Sherwood
6. Andre Villa
7. Jim McNeil
8. Adam Jones (Wild Card)
9. Nick DeWit (Wild Card)
10. Daice Suzuki
11. Lance Coury
12. Libor Podmol

The main Friday event was awesome. I always love to watch these guys doing tricks and impossible stunts on bikes. They always impress me. It’s such a numinous moment. I was enjoying each trick they did. But I didn’t get the new Head-to-head thing – two riders doing tricks almost at the same time. I was confused… Honestly, I can’t tell you how they picked the round winner. I liked the tricks though. Despite the fact that Adam Jones missed one trick because he ran out of the time in one round, he turned out to be in the best shape that night. Actually, I’m happy whoever wins. Everyone should win at least once, in my opinion. They deserve it.

All in all, it was great to see Libor Podmol “on the stage”. I’m so happy and proud of him and Petr even though they are Czechs. However, we used to be one country…

Here is a video of event’s highlights and for amazing photos check out FMX World.


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