F1: Spain in Monaco – Monaco in Spain

Finally this day is here! My final exams are over!!

Firstly, I’m really sorry I didn’t write the past two F1 reviews on time. Honestly, I was overwhelmed with my studies. I’m in the senior year on High school and this week I had my finals I had to pass and last week I was preparing for them. But now, when everything is over, I’ll be happy if you forgive my little brake from writing. And now let’s get back to the work!

1.1 F1 Spanish Grand Prix

Spanish GP was the first race on the European land. I’m so happy that the F1 circus finally moved to Europe. That means – no time lag. The circuit in Catalunya is nice and fast. I like this track. There are some difficult turns. For my huge surprise Mark Webber won the qualifying, Sebastian Vettel was second and Lewis Hamilton third. Please, don’t understand me wrong, I know that Red Bulls are very fast, but I didn’t expect it from Webber. I think he’s pushing it because he wanna stay in that team 🙂

The race was pretty good too. Mark was really pushing it hard. He achieved his first start-finish win. Unfortunately (or not?) Hamilton didn’t have luck in that race. Two laps before the race was over he was out. His car got a puncture. What a pity for a driver driving on the second place. But it was good for the Ferrari. Fernando Alonso finished on the second position and Sebastian Vettel was third. I was happy for Jaime Alguersuari the most. He finished tenth and gained one point!

1.2 F1 Grand Prix de Monaco

Monaco is one of my favourite places! I am in love with Monte Carlo and that luxurious feeling. I can feel it even from the photos! Actually I prefer tracks in the towns. They seem to be more dangerous and narrow and the Circuit de Monaco is the narrowest track I’ve ever seen. There are very little possibilities for the drivers to overtake someone. There also were some rumors and worries about the Saturday’s qualification. The new cars and a bit slower then the leading ones and there are 24 cars racing this season. They were worried that the fast cars may be disadvantaged by the slower ones. Honestly, I don’t understand why they were even worried. The qualification went pretty smooth. Mark Webber show off again and won the Q3 with and incredible lap time. Renault seems to be improving, because Robert Kubica was the second fastest. Sebastian Vettel was third.

The race was amazing. I enjoyed all of the 78 laps. Sebastian overtook Kubica in the first turn, but unluckily Webber seemed to be way to more faster than the whole grid. There were some accidents too. Actually it looked like the safety car was racing too. It was often on the track. The first horrible accident happened in the first lap. Nico Hülkenberg crashed into the wall in the tunnel. Poor Nico! But this accident was not comparable to what happened just few laps before the end of the race. Jarno Trulli tried to overtake Karun Chandhok, but he literally flied above his head! Luckily, no one was injured. However this race had some funny moments too. Rubens Barrichello had a puncture. Actually, this wasn’t funny, but the way how he threw the driving wheel out of the car and a Hispania car drove through and damaged it was really funny. In the end, Red Bull Racing had a double. Mark Webber finished on the first position, Sebastian Vettel on the second and Robert Kubica finished third. To be honest it was good to see a Pole on the podium!

As you know, Monaco is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth and many famous actors, singers, top models – celebrities are invited to come to see the race there. This year you could spot Jennifer Lopez with her husband Marc Anthony there, also Mike Douglas, Mick Jagger, the Sugarbabes, Naomi Campbell and even Paris Hilton. I don’t remember if I ever saw her there…

photos: www.motorsport.com

3 thoughts on “F1: Spain in Monaco – Monaco in Spain

  1. Hi, how are you doing?, it’s fine to know that you have finnished your final tests, I can remember the stress of those days, keep of fighting !!!

    Monaco is one of may favourite GPs, and watching Webber winning again makes me think that we wants to be champion as Vettel. Maybe, it’s his last chance, and he already knows it. If Red Bull Racing is pushing hard to be the champions, we will expect that them will be more dificult to beaten.

    It’s great to read you again, regards.

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