Metal Mulisha Boy

17th July 2009 Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid, Spain

Aussie Cameron Sinclair wanted to raise his chances against Jeremy ‚Twitch‘ Stenberg. Jeremy is a great rider such as Cameron. But you know every jump and trick counts. This should have been the first Double Backflip I would ever see. Unfortunately, this was the first unfinished Double Backflip I’ve seen. The bike landed on Cam. Honestly, that accident looked pretty bad and I thought he was dead. Sincs was taken to hospital. His injuries were pretty serious.

After almost year long recovery he is back in shape. Firstly he appeared in Mexico’s X-Fighters. Now, we can be 100% sure the REAL Cameron Sinclair is back. Last weekend during the 1st Crusty Show in Australia he performed this incredibly dangerous clip – 9 month after that accident. I’m amazed. Nothing can stop this young crazy man. He’ll definitely be the next Athelete of Week 🙂

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