Rally of Turkey

The next destination of WRC was Turkey – a brand new place for all drivers. As you are used to I’m writing about two rally drivers I support. Well, let’s start.

Ken Block

Even though he is a talented rally driver with lots of experiences, this weekend did not go very well for this Monster World Rally team driver. The bad luck had begun on the first day. He hit a tree stump and he could not continue because of the broken steering arm. Then before the final stage on Saturday he finished in a bank. This is what I call misfortune or bad luck – however you want. Despite all of these problems he had some great stage times. Overall Ken Block finished 24th. Let’s have a look on Ken’s feeling:

“Retiring on that first stage on Friday was so frustrating because it meant missing out on a lot of mileage. The problem is I’m still figuring this car out and, at the moment, I don’t trust myself to go at more than 80 per cent.”

Well, I do trust you for 100 per cent. I know what you are able to do. Now, you have the chance to show it to the whole world.

Kimi Räikkönen

Former Formula One driver showed how well skilled he really is. He had amazing stage times during the whole weekend. All of his stage times were in the top ten. I’m sure Kimi impressed not only me. Well, it wasn’t an easy rally of course. Especially the conditions during the last day were harder because of the rain in the early morning hours. It made some stages slippery. Kimi Räikkönen finished fifth and gained some points again.

“The feeling is coming now,” said Kimi.

Yes, it is something everybody sees. Iceman is tenth in the Drivers Championship! As well as Ken Block, Kimi is not participating in the New Zealand rally.

Well, but not only these two drivers had some difficulties during the Rally of Turkey. Drivers such as Mikko Hirvonen and Dani Sordo were also busy. Hirvonen slid wide, hit a rock and picked up a puncture. This cost him time, of course. The Spaniard, Dani Sordo, slid off in a muddy corner and broke his front suspension. Thanks to this accident, Hirvonen was promoted to the third place. Actually, it is not a surprise that Sebastien Loeb won, again. This Frenchman leads the Drivers Championship with 93 points.

photos: google, http://www.ewrc.cz

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