F1: Chinese GP 2010

China has offered us eventful three days. We saw everything: sunny qualifying, rainy race and some accidents too.

1.1 Practice

Central European time is 6 hours behind the Chinese. This is why I could not really watch any practices at all. But as everybody I have heard and saw Buemi’s accident during the first Friday practice too. The Toro Rosso’s double front-suspension failure was more than scary. Both front wheels were torn off and Buemi rushed into the outer barrier. Actually, he could not do anything. Sebastian was only as a passenger in an uncontrolled missile. Luckily, he was unhurt. What a “great” start for Toro Rosso…

1.2 Qualifying

The weather forecast was more than interesting. The qualifying should have been sunny and the race rainy. Well, this time they were right.

Honestly the qualifying went as I thought. Red Bull Racing cars were much faster than the whole field. They even easily beat Ferrari, again. It was the fourth pole position for Red Bull and third for Sebastian Vettel. His team-mate, Mark Webber finished with the second best time and Fernando Alonso with third. Red Bull cars seem to be unbeatable in the qualifying up to now.

1.3 Race

Everything what can happen in one race has happened in the Chinese Gran Prix race. Few rain drops started to fall at the beginning of the warm up lap. In the end it was already raining. Sebastian Vettel is great on dry and wet races, so I wasn’t afraid at all. The lights went off and the GP had begun. It seemed like Vettel was unfocused, because even Alonso and Webber got ahead of him. Actually, after re-watching the start we could see that the Spaniard Alonso had a jump start. He was TOO eager… The drive through penalty was nothing considering the changing weather conditions. The only accident happened because of Liuzzi’s slip-way. He ended Kobayashi’s and Buemi’s race too.

Rain intensity was constantly changing. This ensured that the race was not boring at all. I have never seen that many pit stops during one race before. But the best moment of the race was the battle between Vettel and Lewis Hamilton on the pit lane. Honestly, I think Hamilton wasn’t playing fair, when he overtook him at the box entrance. Vettel’s reaction afterwards was natural. Both were only warn after the race. Actually the same happened between Massa and Alonso. They came for a new set of tires at the same time and, of course, Fernando didn’t want to be the second and wait, and so he did the same as Hamilton.

All in all, the positions varied all the time. Jenson Button’s tactics came out as the best. He silently won the race again. This Briton is really lucky. Lewis Hamilton ended second. First double for the McLaren. Nico Rosberg ended third beating his team-mate (again).

After the fourth GP Jenson Button is the one who leads the Driver’s Championship with 60 points. Ten points behind him is Nico Rosberg and Alonso is third with 49 points.

1.4 The biggest winner

I have chosen two drivers again. First is naturally Jenson Button, because of his smooth win. Vitaly Petrov is definitely a winner too. Actually, now I saw why he got signed. He was great at the defense and even in attack. His final position speaks for itself. This Russian driver finished 7th leaving Massa and Webber behind! I can say only one thing: ‘Congratulations!’

1.5 The biggest looser

Sebastian Vettel is a looser only because he could have won this race. He lost a lot. I really feel sorry for him. Never mind. Next time he’ll rock it!

Well, Michael Schumacher is not showing us much of his skills. It seems like the Chinese circuit is not according to his taste. This time he finished 10th! Michael, be you otherwise you are going to disappoint your fans.

(Note: The section ‘The biggest looser’ doesn’t mean the drivers are looser, like literally looser. But they lost the most during the race, in my opinion.)

photo: http://www.motosport.com

2 thoughts on “F1: Chinese GP 2010

  1. hehehe 🙂 Great Blog hun! I LOVE your athlete of the weeekkkk 😛 and buemi tyres Oh my god it was scarrry ! i would of hated to be in the car!

  2. Hi:

    Nice overview.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch the whole race, but what I could let me see that it is too early to declare a champion. I mean, many drivers have the skills, and the means are almost the same for many teams: Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedez GP and not too far, Renault and Force India; maybe the last two ones could give a headache to the “biggest” ones.

    Pitty for Seb Vettel, however, he has enough dates to be the number one.


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