Red Bull X-Fighters Mexico 2010

I have only one word on my mind at the moment: Fiasco.

Rain is not always a good answer. It makes the conditions and the whole race more interesting in the Formula One world. Unfortunately, I can not say the same about FMX…

Well, the night/morning started pretty good. I was excited as a child. Thank god my connection worked properly so I could watch it without a disturbance on I have read that it was raining over there few minutes before the show. As the live air had begun I saw and heard it was not raining.

The round 1 was between Jim McNeil and Dany Torres. By the time Jim was off for his ride few rain drops started to fall. My first thought was: ’No! Please, no!’ Both, Jim and Dany, showed us amazing tricks. Mr. Torres won the round.

But by the time it had begun to rain pretty nicely. When Eigo Sato and Robbie Maddison were preparing for their battle, I thought the situation over there was not as bad as it looked like. Now, we know it was. The mud and ramps became too slippery. The rain was falling heavier and heavier and the arena became life threatening for the riders.

After the second round the competition was stopped. Maddo won the battle though.

Everyone just waited what was going on. I have never seen that heavy rain in Mexico. During the break we could see – listen to some interviews with the riders. I really loved the interview with Cam Sinclair. He had a horrible accident last year in Madrid. I thought he’d skip some events, but his recovery was pretty fast. It’s great to see him back on the bike. What’s more the Australian accent is amazing!

Robbie Maddison was asked about his previous challenge – Corinth Canal jump in Greece. I just can not forget the thing he said: “I love scaring myself.” Yeah, we have noticed that with all these ultimate challenges.

Well, as I said at the beginning – rain is not a good answer for every sport. In the end, the Red Bull X-Fighters had to be cancelled and the qualification results are the final results. Norway’s Andre Villa won the first stop of the X-Fighters. Next to him Nate Adams was 2nd and Aussie Maddison the 3rd. I think none of them wanted to win under those circumstances. What I miss that I wanted to see Levi Sherwood, the X-Fighters Mexico 2009 winner, riding pretty badly.

We saw many great tricks, though. Eigo’s one hand 9 o’clock was the best!  For some kick-ass photos go to or check out

Lastly, I didn’t use the word ‘Fiasco’ only because of the cancelled X-Fighters. The Czech sport channel – Nova Sport – didn’t disappoint me again. I am used to the fact it always has 30 minutes lag. But airing Red Bull X-Fighters with a sing ‘live’ when it was already over and the Red Bull TV was off made a huge smile on my face. They really should do something with their “live” streaming. I think I’ll stick to the Red Bull TV. It is more reliable and high quality.

photo: google


2 thoughts on “Red Bull X-Fighters Mexico 2010

  1. Hi:

    Tláloc, the God of Rain makes his tricks in so many places, Mexico was one.

    Right know, I’m watching Nascar Nationwide Series reschedulled date due to rain at Texas this week end.

    Rain hits may sports at Mexico, soccer games (I think) are the most affected.

    The American Bowl between Houston Oilers vs Dallas Cowboys was affected too by rain.

    I don’t know if you can listen the crowd screaming after the awards, if you do, “c*lero” was. The meaning, almost “f*ckers”. I was watching the show at Fox Sports.

    The last time I was at the Monumental Plaza de Toros, was at a performance of the spanish metal band Mägo de Oz. The rain started almost at the half of the show. They took, few minutes, and then returned to play.

    Not all the activities can be played with rain, so, I understand all of the reactions, but we must remember, the safety of the drivers (or performers) have priority.

    Regards and keep on fighting, ok, not, keep on writting.

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