F1: Malaysian GP 2010

Rain is the answer. Yes. It really is.

This weekend the Formula One moved to Malaysia. Personally, I was looking forward for this race, because it usually rains there in this season.

As always the race weekend begins with three practices where the drivers can try the new set ups out. Actually, this is the best for the new drivers to get used to the track. This time I didn’t catch any of them. I am sure I did not miss anything.

1.1 The Qualifying

The Qualifying was amazing, for my pleasure. What’s more, the conditions were not ideal because of the heavy rain. Few teams had made huge mistakes. Some drivers did not come out at the beginning of the Q1, because they thought the rain would stop. It did not. Some drivers waited too long. Neither Ferrari drivers nor the team McLaren got into the Q2. Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton waited too long so they did not have good enough lap times. But this was not Jenson Button’s case. He would get into the Q2 if he didn’t get stuck in the gravel. What a pity…

Because of this matter, drivers such as Kamui Kobayashi, Jaime Alguersuari, Pedro de la Rosa and Vitaly Petrov had chance to start from good positions. The biggest surprise was seeing Nico Hülkenberg to start from the 3rd row. This young driver reminds me of Kimi Räikkönen. Sebastian Vettel did not win the qualification, but his team-mate Mark Webber did. Nico Rosberg started from the 2nd position and Seb from the 3rd.

1.2 The Race

After a rainy qualifying I was hoping that a light rain will fall during the race too. This time we had a dry event. But this did not detract attraction from it. I could not wait the time when the red lights went off. Sebastian Vettel had a great start. He overtook Nico and Webber in the first turn. His team-mate did not give up that easily. They were fighting for the first position till the 4th turn. Vettel won. Battles also took place in the middle of the starting grid. Rubens Barrichello’s car did not even start. His car was taken over to life only when every driver overtook him. The reason of this small faux pas is not known.

Drivers, who made the mistake in the qualifying, struggled up for better positions. We saw some very nice McLaren overtook Ferrari and Ferrari overtook McLaren. I was only waiting which two drivers will end in the gravel. I know – I am bad. But you know it did not happen. Both McLaren cars and one Ferrari, driven by Felipe Massa, went through the finish line. After all these battles at the beginning this race was not that exciting as was the Australian one.

But what really mattered in this race was Sebastian Vettel’s won. Finally, he did it – third time luck. I was so happy for him and also he enjoyed it. Honestly, he deserved it. First 25 points went for the next Champion. It was a double for Red Bull Racing, because Mark Webber finished 2nd. Also Nico Rosberg achieved his first podium stand in this season.

(This time I enrich my post with a section of the biggest winners and losers. They are based on my personal views. If you will like them I will continue in writing these sections in the future reviews too. Enjoy.)

1.3 The biggest winners

This time I picked two young drivers. One is a total newbie and the second one competes in F1 since last season.

Nico Hülkenberg surprised me the most. His 5th racing position in rainy qualifying was something incredible. What’s more, he was driving almost without a mistake in the race. He finished 10th and gained his first point in F1. I really see the predacity of the young Räikkönen boy in him. Nico will become a Formula 1 champion in the close future. I’m sure of that.

The second driver is Jaime Alguersuari. I’m sure he deserves to be in the section of the biggest winners. He started from the 14th position. His today’s performance is bewildering. Jaime overtook some other drivers and finished on the 8th position. This is his best result up to now. He gained two points for his team. I have said that he is a great driver from the beginning of his Formula 1 career. Jaime needs only time.

1.4 The biggest losers

I have picked also two drivers for this section. The first one is Michael Schumacher. I am not saying that Michael is not a great driver. I am only saying that despite his experiences this sevenfold champion has not showed us many things. Up to now he was only beaten by his team-mate Nico Rosberg. He also has not finished on a better position as the 6th is. What’s more, he did not finish the Malaysian GP. Okay, this time it was not his fault. Something has broken on this left back tyre. It is just like he is not having much luck in his comeback.

Fernando Alonso is the second loser of the Malaysian GP. I have to admit he did a good job during the race. He was struggling up from the 19th position and he ended on the 9th. This was really very impressing. But due to the gear box problem the car engine did not last out and gave it up only few laps before the end. Considering his effort it was only a misfortune.

Malaysian GP has its winners and losers. Let’s wait what will bring the Chinese Grand Prix.

photo: http://www.motorsport.com

3 thoughts on “F1: Malaysian GP 2010

  1. Hi, I like your posts.

    I’m agreed with all what you wrote about the Malaysian GP. The Australian GP seems more exciting, even when Vettel lose the race; I’m fan of him and the Red Bull Racing.

    Fernando Alonso is a great driver, however, the same luky that give him the victory at Bahrein, wants its payback.

    For me, it seems that Massa will be the eternal squire.

    The 2010 season will give us so many surprises, I only hope that the remaining races will not be as bored as the first one.


    • Yes. Definitely. This season is goint to be full of surprises. Actually, I can not wait who’s gonna lead the Chinese GP. I also like Red Bull Racing, actually I like most of the atheletes supported by Red Bull. Vettel has a chance to win his first championship title.

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