WRC: Rally Jordan

The first three April days were dedicated to the next WRC event – Rally Jordan. There were no trees, only sand and dust.

I was not very optimistic after Kimi Räikkönen’s roll in Mexico. I thought he would not end this rally either. Luckily, I was wrong.

This 30-years former Formula One driver has surprised not only me. During these three days he did an amazing job. His stages times were never worst than 12th position, which made him to the 8th position overall. This is the best result he had in WRC up to now. He didn’t finish Corona Rally and in Sweden he was 30th. Kimi is showing us that he is more than a F1 driver. It is great to see him enjoying  the driving.

After all he said it too:

‘I have to say that I really like the world of rallying so far. It’s impossible to compare it to Formula One as it would be like comparing a square to a triangle, but everything seems just a bit more relaxed and friendly. Everyone has been very welcoming, but there’s still room for me to be myself.’

Ending on the 8th position has brought him 4 points and the 11th place in the Driver’s Championship.

Unfortunately another Finn driver wasn’t that lucky as Kimi was this time. Mikko Hirvonen crashed.

As he said:

“It was a silly mistake and it was stupid that it happened on such an easy section.”

He restarted on Saturday, but he was unlikely to score any points. However, his championship title isn’t endangered. I’m sure he will win it this time 🙂

My second standout driver, the Monster Ken Block, didn’t attend the Rally Jordan. He spent some time in mountains snowboarding. Also he went training with his new Yamaha YZF450. Ken will be back in WRC on 16th April.

All in all, Sebastian Loeb has won the Rally Jordan and leads in Driver’s Championship with 68 points.

These three days were lovely, especially the opening. I am finishing this post with the sweetest photos I have found.

See ya tuned in for Rally of Turkey

photo: google

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