F1: Australian GP 2010

It was an eventful weekend. Finally, the drivers got to Melbourne. That track should be the opener of the season. It is a tradition. Never mind.

Well, Albert Park showed us again that it is an amazing circuit. It all began with free practices, which I could not watch this time, because of the time lag. On every practice the top drivers changed. Only the Qualification showed us that Red Bull Racing cars were way to more faster than the others. The battle for the pole was between Sebastian Vettel and the homy Mark Webber. For my pleasure Vettel won the pole position. Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button started from the second line. Lewis Hamilton, 2008 champion, got only the 11th starting position.

To be honest, I could not wait to watch the race. The forecast predicted some rain. After the opening race disappointment I really hoped we would see a rainy race.

Every car was on the starting line and it was raining. The red lights went off and the second 2010 season’s race had begun. Vettel had an amazing start. He turned first. Felipe Massa and Robert Kubica did a good job at the start too. The biggest losers were Alonso and Michael Schumacher. There were too many cars next to each other in the first turn, so Button nudged Alonso’s car a little bit and he did Schumacher’s. Chain reaction. What’s more, Kamui Kobayashi lost the control of the car and smashed it into a wall then into Sebastian Buemi and Nico Hülkenberg. This was the worst looking accident. Luckily, all three drivers are alright. Right after this shocking crash came the safety car in. And they were only in the half of the first lap.

The safety car went off the track after few laps and Vettel could take advantage of dictating the pace and catch a good second start. He did and the rain had also stopped. Few more laps gone and the track became drier. Almost all cars went to the pit stops at the same time. Poor mechanics had to hurry pretty much. Even without more rain (although it was predicted) we witnessed a very nice race. The battles between Alonso, Massa, Hamilton and Webber made it interesting. The positions between them changed almost in every lap.

Further more, Lucas di Grassi and Jaime Alguersuari did not get scared of Schumacher and fought for their places. It was the best way to show they are good drivers and in the future will gain points.

As in every race there were some who did not finish. Except Kobayashi, Hülkenberg and Buemi – who were knockout in the first lap, these drivers did not drive all the 58 laps: Bruno Senna, Vitaly Petrov, Adrian Sutil, Lucas di Grassi, and Timo Glock. Sebastian Vettel joined them too, because of the break failure. This 23-years old German lead and had the possibility again to win. I am wondering when the luck will be on his side…

For me the biggest winner is Jenson Button. He made one pit stop in the 6th lap and he was the first to get the slick tires. Considering the weather predictions I though it was pretty early, but it turned good out. Also Robert Kubica with Renault did an amazing job. He drove silently and elengater on the 2nd position.

The most ridiculous battle was between Hamilton, Alonso. Hamilton caught up on Alonso and it seemed he was faster and tried to overtake him. He did not succeed. What is more, Webber was right behind Hamilton. The Aussie tried to overtook Hamilton, but he nudged both cars out. This whole thing happened only few laps before the end. Alonso brought the car safely in on the 4th position.

Well, all of these actions Button finished 1st, Kubica 2nd and Massa 3rd. Lewis Hamilton was 6th, Mark Webber 9th. Also it makes me happy to see Jaime making some steps forward. This Spaniard finished on the 11th position with Toro Rosso.

All in all, this race was way to more better as the Bahrain GP. Maybe Bahrain is really not exciting in general. But I think the rain helped to make things to happen in Albert Park.

Next weekend we are flying to Malaysia. Do you have any predictions after this race? 🙂

photos: http://www.motorsport.com

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