F1: Bahrain GP 2010

The long-awaited opening race of F1 season 2010 is already behind us. It was a very long race, but let’s keeps things in order.

This time I was lucky I could watch the very first official practice in Bahrain on Friday. My first though was: ‘Oh, this is awesome!’ But as the minutes passed by I became a little bit bored. Drivers, I wanted to see on track, were hidden. Luca di Grassi made only few laps but without a lap time. I think the same was with Bruno Senna. But this is another story. Big rookies on the track are the cars of Hispania Racing. Jose Ramon Carabantes has bought the team Campos and re-named it. They had only two weeks to get ready for the first race in Bahrain. Bruno Senna stayed and his team mate is Kamur Chandhok. Well, Bruno was a little bit luckier because his car was ready for the practice. Only Kamur watched all the three practices from the box.

Saturday was more interesting. Finally both Hispania Racing cars were “prepared” for the Qualification. It was pretty engrossing to watch the Qs. I am not used to see that many cars on the track. The method of the Qualification stayed. That means there are 3 phases. Seven drivers fall from the first and second phase out. Ten drivers compete for the pole position in the Q3. Sebastian Vettel took the chance and won the first pole position for Red Bull in the season 2010! I was overwhelmed by the happiness J The two Ferrari cars followed him, Massa and Alonso. Hamilton was only the 4th, his team mate Button the 8th. Michael Schumacher got the 7th position.

After this amazing qualification I was looking forward for the race. The fact the cars won’t be refueled made it more interesting for me. I don’t think I saw a race without refueling.

All in all I was disappointed. The race seemed pretty long and boring. Only the start was exciting with Webber’s smoke bath in the first turn.

There were no actions, literally. Nor the stops on the roadside helped it. Kamur Chandhok was the first retired car. I’m not surprised at all. After driving a lap or two during the qualifications I wasn’t positive that he’d be able to finish the race. Actually, more cars stopped on the roadside… My adrenalin only welled up when Nico Hülkenberg slipped. I thought he’d crash into the other car.

Now, I’m thinking what more should I write about this race… It definitely was monotonous. The pit stops were unamusing and even Vettel’s car slowed down. He led during the 36 laps (from 49). The only thing I can say is: BAD LUCK. The Ferrari cars easily overtook him. In the end Vettel finished with a mechanical problem on the 4th place. Fernando Alonso won followed by Massa on the 2nd and Hamilton on the 3rd place. I think the biggest loosers of the race are Jenson Button (7th), Mark Webber (8th), Michael Schumacher (6th) and Nico Hülkenberg (14th). In my opinion he could finish on a better position if he didn’t slip.

I hope the next race will be much more interesting. If not we will have such a lengthy season…

photos: http://motorsport.com/



2 thoughts on “F1: Bahrain GP 2010

  1. Oo I’m writing my Bahrain blog tomorrow sweetie! I agree with your thoughts I felt no refuelling would be exciting but I was dissappointed the race was just missing excitment! X

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