First F1 race


I can’t believe that the first F1 race is knocking on the door!

There are many new teams, drivers and rules, of course. The fact Michael Schumacher is back has drawn again many his fans into this circus.

The most interesting thing will be the pit stops. I assume they will take only 4 seconds. Let’s wait who will make the new world record!

I’m really looking forward to this rocking season.

On the other hand it’s going to be weird. I can’t imagine a F1 race without Kimi Räikkönen. At least Sebastian Vettel is making me smiling. I really love his new cap! Well, here we can see that Kimi’s style is the best and it stays on the track even without him.

I’m prepared mentally and physically for season’s first race 🙂 What about you?



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