Corona Rally Mexico

Everything what could happen happened. This weekend was full of speed, drifts, rocks and dust.

I was waiting for this rally because there are two drivers I support now. This was the second WRC event for Kimi Räikkönen and first for Ken Block. Both of them were doing awesome during the first day.

Ken Block is a star in extreme sports and a great rally driver. Actually, I was amazed by his stage times. I didn’t expect times around the 10th position, even though he is a great one. But he did. The second day was not that lucky for this American guy. After kissing a rock and having some problems with the car they were out for the rest of a day. Luckily, Ken could continue the stages on Sunday. The 18th position after these three – not always perfect days is a nice way to go.

Things with Kimi went not that good as did for Ken. Well, I can’t complain about the first day. He had some amazing stage times. Actually, he had the 5th fastest time in SS4. However, this was the only good thing about this weekend. Honestly, I don’t know what happened.

Well, everybody expected that he would make some mistakes. So did I. Honestly, gravel rallies don’t belong into the easiest ones. Kimi hit a rock during the first stage and this was only the beginning. Okay, the electrical problems weren’t his fault. Still, the luck wasn’t on his side during this weekend. Who else would multiple roll a rally car almost within sight of the end of SS7? Well, no one else than Kimi. The car was damaged pretty badly, so Kimi and Kaj couldn’t continue their Mexican adventure. What’s more, they lost a tyre during the roll! Nice job, honey!

The winner of this eventful rally is Sebastien Loeb, second is Petter Solberg, and third is Sebastien Ogier.

All in all, I loved this Corona rally. It was funnier as the one in Sweden. If WRC events continue like this I think I’ll be more in love with rally as I am at this moment 🙂

I can’t wait till the Jordan rally!


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4 thoughts on “Corona Rally Mexico

  1. Nice to see you as a dedicated rally fan. People who started to follow rallying only because of Kimi usually (as far as I know) are interested in Kimi only and you seem to like rally generaly.
    Also funny thing with Kimi and Ken liveries for me. I loved Ken´s livery when it was presented but it does not look so good on the stages and on the contrary I didn´t like kimi´s livery much but on stages it looks great!

    • well, I liked rally even before Kimi switched to it, but I didn’t follow it. Don’t know why, but simply didn’t. Now as Kimi is competing there it’s funny and interesting to see him next to drivers such as Loeb or Solberg. I like both liveries, maybe the “Monster’s” little bit more. I’m a fan of the black color.

      • I also love black colour, it´a my favourite actually. But I would say that thanks to that combination with white and bit of green and orange the car do not stand out when it is dirty..

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