Double K

Life is such a hard thing. Thank GOD there are family, friends and WRC Mexico to distract me! I was waiting for these few amazing days since the Rally of Sweden ended.

This rally is not going to be great only because of Kimi (and there’ll be loads of him 😉 ) but also because there’s Ken Block’s debut!

Ken Block is a generalist athlete. He has competed in sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, and most notably rally racing. In 2006, his DC teammate was Travis Pastrana and they were driving for Subaru. Actually, I’ve learn of him because of Travis.  I consider Ken as a great rally driver. Hopefully, he will have luck in WRC where he drives a Monster Ford Racing Focus RS.

The beginning of Corona Rally Mexico wasn’t the best for Kimi Räikkönen. He was suffering from back injury. Hopefully, this won’t reflex on his results.

Well, it’s true that there are no snow and luckily any snow banks. Still, there are trees and cacti. Actually, I’ve got a feeling that he will try to make a close relationship with one of those.

All right Mexico, we are prepared for you!


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2 thoughts on “Double K

  1. Unfortunately I can not assist to the WRC Corona Rally Mexico due to personal commitments. Yes I know too, it’s sad but true.

    I hope, my wife’s friends can shoot and share with us the some pics.


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