F1 sum up

These past few days were pretty hectic. I’ve been busy with my applications for University, WRC has started on 12th February and also Winter Olympics has begun on this day too. What’s more, Formula 1 has its second trainings in Jerez. I haven’t forgotten about it. I was only too busy to dwell on it. Finally, I have a lot of free time to sum up the happenings in F1 World.

As I’m looking through the times from Jerez first set tests I can’t say who will rock it on the track on 14th March in Bahrain. Each team tries various configurations. But I think this season is going to be full of scored able cars. I’m glad to see Nico Hülkenberg or Jaime Alguersuari on the track with acceptable times. Even Luca di Grassi is doing well. But as I said it’s hard to pick one team which is visibly better than others.

Second set of trainings in Jerez continue on 17th February.

These days F1 is not only about trainings but also press is doing its job. Well, I’ve read couple interesting articles…

The season hasn’t begun yet, but rumors about Kimi’s return to F1 haven’t stopped. He had his debut in WRC last weekend and did a great job there. I think it’s a bit silly to speculate about his return in Red Bull colors. Räikkönen is focusing on rally now. He has a one year contract, so let him enjoy this new challenge without these stupid questions about the future.

Team Renault surprised me the most! They’ve signed a Russian driver Vitaly Petrov. He has been signed for a one-year deal, with an option for a further two. Honestly, I’ve never seen a Russian in F1, so it’s another reason why I can’t wait till the race 🙂

Here are some photos of Sebastian Vettel, Luca di Grassi, Jaime Alguersuari, Vitaly Petrov and Nico Hülkenberg from motorsport.com


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