Day 3 = Final Day

The most expected event of this month is done. The first WRC race was in Sweden. Temperature was around -15 and the racers drove between snow banks and trees.

Kimi Räikkönen did very well in his debut. His today’s times were acceptable. Kimi finished 11th in S S17 and in S S19. Maybe he had some problems in S S18 or hit another snow bank again, but with his time 15:24.7 was 28th among of all.

Despite of all his stuck in snow banks he ended 30th overall. I’m totally satisfied with his results. He did the best and even though he is a rookie he had great stage times.

As he said in the end of second day of the rally:

‘I’m feeling more confident with the car and we had no problems at all. I always knew that finding the right driving style would take a bit of time, but now it is gradually coming. I’m feeling quite confident.’

I am PROUD 🙂

Also, Hirvonen’s win made me happy. Mikko had great stage times. I’m sure we will see an amazing Hirvonen-Loeb fight for the first place.

Jari-Matti Latvala kept his 3rd place today and Dani Sordo finished 4th. I feel a little bit sorry for Dani. But the WRC has only started, so he can draw closer to the first three places.

Érdi Tibor finished 36th and Martin Prokop stays 3rd in S-WRC. Results both of them are very nice!

Corona Rally Mexico starts on 5th March 2010. Finally, there’ll be Ken Block! I can’t wait see him racing 🙂

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