Day 2

WRC drivers are done for today and it’s time for me to sum up the second day of Rally Sweden.

Well, today was pretty interesting. I’ve waken up at 8am but I couldn’t log on because of my sleeping brother. I checked the results later.

Probably you know I focus all my senses on Kimi. I have to say, today he did better job than yesterday. He ended around 10th position almost in each SS. He was 11th in S S9.

But then came S S10 and another stuck in the snow bank. Luckily, he didn’t lose that much time as yesterday and finished this stage 32nd.

After this stage, he again drove good time. Places from S S11 to S S14 were 11th, 9th, 10th and 9th again. He surprised me the most in S S15. He finished 6th! Actually, it’s AWESOME!

It’s a pity he got stuck in snow bank twice. he would have better position and maybe he could get points (well, only one point if he were 10th overall).

The last stage today was Hagfors sprint 2 where he finished on 28th place. But he moved 12 positions up on the list, so he is 35th overall. I can only say: I like it!

What’s more, Mikko Hirvonen stays on the 1st position on that list and it’s making me happier. Sebastien Loeb is right behind him on the 2nd place and Jari-Matti Latvala is on the 3rd place. Dani Sordo after having some problems in S S15 was moved on 4th position overall.

Érdi Tibor is after all these stages 38th and Czech Martin Prokop stays 3rd in S-WRC.

Tomorrow is the last day of Rally Sweden. Let’s see what will happen and who will achieve the first 10 points.

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