Day 1

After a long day in school I can finally sit in front of my laptop and follow the live results of the Swedish WRC. Actually, I was too curious that I connected to internet with my phone during the lunch break in school. I’ve got no money on my card now, but it worth it! Seeing him on the 11th position overall cheered me up.

Well, he was 9th in the special stage yesterday. During the S S’ from 2 to 5 he did very well. He ended on 14th, 11th, 11th and 13th position. Räikkönen was 11th overall!

Then came the S S6. Honestly, I counted with a thing like this, but I wanted to be positive. Well, Kimi’s problem r later in the stage 6.He was just a couple of kilometres before the finish, when he drove into a snow bank and got stuck! Kimi managed to get back on the track, but the “accident” cost him minutes. He finished 26 minutes slower than Latvala and was the last. He was 50th overall.

S S7 was amazing! Räikkönen kicked it and ended 9th, which made him to the 47th position. The last stage today was the special S S8. Kimi finished on 12th position. This means he stays on 47th overall. Hopefully he’ll be able to move forward tomorrow.

But what I like is Mikko Hirvonen is 1st, Loeb 2nd and Dani Sordo is 3rd. My fingers are crossed for Sordo to be 2nd! Actually, there is a Czech driver, Prokop, who is 12th (!) and there’s also a Hungarian one, Érdi Tibor on 36th.

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