Finally, it’s RALLY time!

Two weeks ago Kimi Räikkönen attended the Arctic Lapland Rally. As everybody knows he had a smaller crash in the second stage. Now, two weeks later, he is having his debut in WRC. Actually, it didn’t start good for him. Before the race even started Loeb and Kimi had a small accident. What a coincidence 😀 I hope it was the only accident we’ve heard about this week. Please, I don’t want to see any crashes on the track!

Also, I’m hoping Ken Block will be great in WRC.  He is awesome and a great driver. I like him so much. Ken is a typical American “monster”  😉 and as I’ve been told he is having his debut in Mexico.

Actually, today is a special stage. I’m thankful to twitter because I wouldn’t know about it. My great friends there told me about this stage. Thank you!

Accordingly to this special stage Kimi ended on 9th place, which is AWESOME! Great job! Hopefully, tomorrow will be at least that amazing!

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