My lovely 2009

I’ve never thought I’ll be right that 2010 won’t be good. Ever!

My year 2009 was perfect! Damn, why is it in the past tense?

I wasn’t looking forward to year 2010 during New Year’s Eve. Everything I could do was crying. I miss 2009 so badly! Well, I think I have to clear it up for you.

I was a girl with no dreams, with no hobbies. I was only living a life without carrying. Last year everything has changed. Finally, I’ve found my reason to live. Formula One becomes my full time love. Honestly, I’m totally keen on it.  What’s more I’ve become a lover of Jackass. I know Bam Margera with his friends made this show at least 5 years ago. But hey! I’m living in Slovakia! It takes time to get anything here. So huge thank go to because I’ve met cool people there.

Well, from Jackass I got to Nitro Circus. Another amazing show! Travis Pastrana and his buddies are not the sanest people I’ve ever seen, but I still like them. I know Travis from Red Bull X-fighters. I’m a motocross and FMX fan since 2005, actually.  I’ve learnt that we shouldn’t take life so serious. Actually, now my friends don’t understand me. Actually, they don’t understand my jokes… Whatever. As you can see I’ve become a lover of fast cars and dirt bikes. Well, it didn’t happen in 2009. I love F1 since 2004 and as above mentioned I follow motocross since 2005.

But what’s the best about 2009? Finally, I’ve demarcate my goals! I’ll do everything to get into F1 as a worker. Actually, I won’t mind doing a reporter too. I love writing, but I have to improve my English. Furthermore I’ll work on my other hobby like the motorsports are. Photographing is something I’ve always liked and was impressed by. I’ve got a camera on my 18th birthday, so I’m learning how to take professional photos.  Another goal I’d love to achieve is get out from here. Living abroad is my biggest dream ever! I’ll do everything to achieving my dreams. Whatever it takes.

Getting back to the aim why I don’t like the year 2010 is simple. I’ll graduate this year and I’m not looking forward to it. Of course I wanna get out from high school, but this whole process is killing me. I’ve got so much stuff to learn. What’s more, I have to choose a college. I’m sending some applications out this month. Believe me it wasn’t easy to pick 3 colleges. After my graduation exams I’ll have to take the entrance exams. Later this year will be the registration to the college and then my totally new life can begin. Well, of course I have to pass all of the exams first.



2 thoughts on “My lovely 2009

  1. Omg I looove this Sooo Muuuch Miiiiss You Loots I loove Jackasss 🙂 Eeeeee this blog is sooooooooooo great! ❤

  2. So what made you fall in love with F1? Any one thing or the whole of 2009? And if you thought 2009 was good, 2010 is looking like being vene better!

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