Hurray! It looks like Formula One is burning some petrol on the test. Finally, the February test has started and we could see the new cars in action. Designers had to find the right solution and create a good and fast car. This season the tank will be bigger because the fueling during the race is banned.

As I was looking on these “new” cars I am a little bit disappointed. I don’t like them. Actually I didn’t like the old one, but still, they should have done it better. My friend said: “I don’t like them either. Gotta used to it, I guess.” Well, I have to get used to it too.  There’s no other option…

Only car of Virgin Racing team looks good. They used my favourite colors – black and red. It looks really good, with only few sponsors. I love it and if I image that Luca di Grassi is driving it I love it more.

I guess, in this season I’ll support three drivers. Hopefully, Sebastian Vettel will win the championship, Nico Hülkenberg will have nice debut and Luca di Grassi will be awesome! 🙂

Still, no one of them will have my biggest support. I’m faithful to one person for 6 years! I’m sure you know who I am talking about 😉

Lets wait only 34 days and the Bahrain GP is here!!


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